A flat earth is simply not possible

A flat earth is simply not possible

The Flat Earth Society says every planet apart from earth is roughly spherical, the earth is just special.

“So how about all the photographic and video evidence we have of the earth?”, you ask. Guess what? All the photos and videos of a spherical earth are fake. Despite troubling relationships between countries, every country on earth has decided to waste billions of dollars to hide the fact that our earth is flat, despite the fact that the money could be used on other more important things.

A round earth is simply not possible. Why are we all standing firm on the ground if the earth was round? Shouldn’t gravity pull us down? Doesn’t that mean that everybody who lives in the southern hemisphere should fall off the world? Therefore gravity doesn’t exist.

flat earth

“Since gravity doesn’t exist, what pulls us down then?”, you ask. Well, I’ll tell you right now, a magical force which is too complex for us humans to understand pulls us to the ground. It is also the same force which makes planets move in the way that they do. Planets don’t orbit the sun since gravity does not exist, but they follow set paths when they move through space. These paths are determined by the magical force I was talking about. You can look below for the sun’s path.

Let’s now assume that the round earth model was somehow true. We are on a giant ball of matter, whizzing through space at incredible speeds, and spinning at speeds well over 1000 miles per hour (1600 km/h). Does that sound dodgy to you? If that were the case, why am I not flying off the earth? My feet feel very solid on the ground. The earth, therefore, has to be stationary and flat.