Amazing Sex Facts 100% True

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  1. The cowgirl sex position is the most common cause of penile fracture
  2. The ejaculation of an average man is 7,200 times in his life time
  3. The vaginal weightlifting record is 31lbs
  4. The clitoris has at least 8000 nerve endings
  5. 16% of women have never had an orgasm during sex
  6. The average speed of ejaculation is 28mph (about 46 KMPH)
  7. The average male orgasm lasts about 6 seconds, while the female orgasm lasts about 23 seconds on average
  8. Men have an average of 9 erections per night
  9. The largest penis in the animal kingdom is if the blue whale measuring about 11 feet long
  10. Douching can actually harm the vagina by interfering with its natural cleansing abilities
  11. Lesbian women report having more orgasms than straight or bisexual women
  12. Most penis are between 5–7 inches when erect
  13. 20–30% of women reach orgasm only 1 in 4 times they have sex
  14. Around 100 men in the world have two penises
  15. The record for the largest vagina is 19inches in diameter
  16. The vagina can stretch to twice its normal size when aroused
  17. The greatest recorded height achieved in an ejaculation is 12feet 4 inches
  18. The word ‘penis’ comes from the Latin word for ‘tail’ which is the same root as found in ‘pen’ and ‘pencil’
  19. The orchid flower is names after the Greek word for ‘testicles’
  20. During ovulation, the vagina can produce 2 tsps of discharge a day
  21. The amount of sex you have does not affect the tightness of your vagina
  22. 4 out of 5 men are ‘growers’ not ‘showers’, meaning that their penis grows to a much bigger size when erect, rather than staying at a similar length when it is erect or flaccid
  23. According to the Indian penal code, the sale of porn and sex toys is illegal in India
  24. Confidence has been found to improve the quality of your orgasms
  25. Men with smaller testicles are statistically less likely to cheat on their partners
  26. Not all women are born with a hymen
  27. The clitoris is usually between 2.5 and 4.5 mm wide
  28. The first sex drive in was established in the Netherlands in the 1980s
  29. The Ph (acidity) of the vagina is around 3.8–4.5. That’s about the same as a glass of wine.
  30. 16–24 year old females and 20–24 year old males are most likely to be diagnosed with an STI
  31. 20% of people admit to masturbating in a car
  32. Apes have a penis bone
  33. Sex has been around for 300 million years
  34. Annual condom sales are worth an estimated £400 million ($570 million)
  35. In Thailand, prostitution generates $26 billion every year. $300 million of that is transferred to rural families by women in the urban sex industry
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