Apple really charging $999 for a monitor stand

Apple really charging $999 for a monitor stand

While Apple announced onstage that the nifty magnetically attached Pro Stand — which allows the screen to tilt, angle, and even rotate from landscape to portrait modes — would be sold separately for an extra $999, the company didn’t mention that it along with the $199 VESA mount adapter, which will require you to buy another third-party stand are the only stand options for the Pro Display XDR.
Apple $999 stand

Apple announced the Pro Display XDR, a $5,000 32-inch Retina 6K monitor designed to give users the highest possible grade of visual fidelity with more than a billion dynamic colors and an impressive 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

While the Pro Display XDR boasts an impressive list of features, its expensive price tag puts it far outside the range of most consumer-level monitors. On top of the $5,000 cost of the monitor, buyers will also need to pony up another $1,000 if they want a proper stand, since the Pro Display XDR is really just the screen alone.

The Pro Stand allows users to rotate the 32-inch Pro Display into portrait mode and adjust the viewing angle, and connects to the Pro Display XDR using a magnetic connection. If that’s out of your price range, Apple is also offering a $200 VESA Mount Adapter which lets you mount the Pro Display on an existing monitor stand.

Apple hasn’t explained why the Pro Stand is so expensive. The company is using its own proprietary mounting system to connect the Pro Stand and VESA mount to the Pro Display XDR, which the company notes is designed to allow owners to easily move the display around. But $999 seems to be a pretty hefty price to pay for that kind of versatility.

While it does appear to be quite a nice stand, it has the same price as many of the computers Apple sells, and is equal to the starting price for its flagship smartphone. Which is quite a lot, just to be able to do this