Evolution and History of E-Cigarette

The original idea behind e-cigarette Herbert Gilbert designed an e-cigarette in 1963. Gilbert’s idea didn’t take off despite filing a patent on his e-cigarette. Benefits of e-cigarette we clear to Herbert and his idea might have backfired because of the harmful effects associated with tobacco. Smoking isn’t new and has been a commonplace rather than […]

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Mobile phone is the most dangerous thing

Obviously, using a cell phone itself isn’t dangerous, but excessive usage of it can be. It can impact your life in so many ways, both physically and psychologically. The point of this answer is to make you realize that you should be using it in moderation. Also, currently there is no conclusive evidence about radiation […]

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Brutal truth about owning a Rolls Royce

The very basic truth is that anyone who can afford to own a Rolls-Royce, can also afford to maintain it. Aside from the cost of ownership, maintenance, and repair, actually driving these kinds of cars that cost a quarter million to over a million dollars may not actually be a pleasant experience… That isn’t to […]

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faceook banned in china

Things That Are Banned in China

GoogleChinese people can not do “Google” while opposing people from other countries “while facing a dilemma or conundrum”. In addition, Google, especially YouTube and Gmail and other products related to Google+ have also been blocked in China. FaceBookAccording to CNN, Chinese officials blocked Facebook from 2009, possibly due to the riots in July that year […]

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Audi is bringing up Virtual Exterior Mirrors

Audi is bringing up Virtual Exterior Mirrors to replace the time-tested Outside rear view mirrors in its electric car aka Audi e-tron. This setup has two parts which include a High dynamic camera and a heated glass cover so that the lens doesn’t become hazy. Why in this freaking world would anyone need to look […]

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Pornhub Wants to Buy Tumblr

Pornhub Is Acquiring Tumblr

Tumblr’s ownership history has been rocky to say the least in the last few years. First, it was purchased by Yahoo for $1.1 billion in 2013. By 2016, its value had been written down by $230 million. Then Tumblr ended up at Oath, the former name for Verizon Media Group, after Verizon bought Yahoo in […]

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Nuclear Close Call

The Norwegian Rocket Incident

Russian officials briefly misinterpreted a Norwegian scientific rocket to be a nuclear attack. It showed the dangers of accidental nuclear war even when the threat of military confrontation between the US and Russia was at an all-time low. As part of the response, the Russians took the nuclear briefcase, with missile launch codes (in the […]

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