Smoking is great for health!

This would have been 100% true if it was the 1940s, and not 2018. Today, we see so much awareness about the ill effects of smoking and campaigns being run to help people quit smoking. But surprisingly, smoking was considered benign and completely harmless to the human body until a few decades back. It was […]

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Facts that are extremely scary to know

If you are a healthy 20 year old,you have around 2600 weeks before you die. (Just 2600 Sundays). The average person will be less successful than they think. About 153,000 people die on your birthday. Seals have been known to rape penguins. If you took all of the world’s spiders and let them out in […]

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Nostradamus 2019 prediction

What are Nostradamus predictions for 2019?

As with anything astrological, everything’s open to interpretation. Nostradamus didn’t specify his quatrains to a specific point in time (they never do), so be sure to take these ‘predictions’ with a [very generous] pinch of salt. World War Three and the assassination of Donald Trump. We could be on the brink of WWIII. Before you […]

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Russian man dies after taking pin out of a grenade

A Russian man accidentally killed himself after removing a pin from a grenade and snapping a photo of himself with said pin. Needless to say, the grenade went off, ending the man’s life. Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik, a 26-year-old from Krasnodar, died in a grenade blast he caused. The death is ruled an accident and not […]

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Ancient Alien and Astronaut Theories

Ancient aliens, are properly classified as a pseudoarchaeology. We commonly hear these types of conspiracy theories noways in a variety of contexts. Aliens apparently arrived on Earth at some point in the past, leaving evidence of their visit behind because of how they shaped human cultures and the environment. They built the pyramids, they built […]

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yoga in prison

Yoga Does Not Make Inmates Gay

Theological professor Alexander Dvorkin wrote a document suggesting yoga could cause uncontrolled sexual arousal and homosexuality in detention centers, leading to riots, the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomlets reported. Senator Elena Mizulina, who is known for her conservative views, used the document to appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the legality of the yoga classes, and asked for them to be […]

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Ordering Pizza From London

Rich Nigerians are ordering pizza from London

There is apparently the reality facing a number of Nigerians who have reportedly been ordering pizza from London and having it delivered 4,000 miles via British Airways flights. That’s some serious pizza dedication. The rather unusual claims came from the country’s Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, 71, who announced at Senate Committee earlier this week: […]

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