Completely Useless Facts You Need To Know

Completely Useless Facts You Need To Know

1. In Africa, a minute passes every 60 seconds.

2. Potato spelled backwards is Otatop and it does not mean anything.

3. Jumping off a cliff is not a good way to commit suicide if you are a bird.

4. If you take all the elephants and line them from the sun to the moon, they would all die.

5. You can drink a drink, but you cannot food a food.

6. Metal bands are not really made of metals.

7. The Harry Potter books get their name from their main character, which is Harry Potter.

8. Al Pacino is not the brother of Cappuccino.

9. Oranges are called oranges because they are oranges, and the colour orange is called orange because it is orange. Did you also know oranges were originally called noranges when they were first brought to England? But we, the English, got confused between saying ‘a norange’ and ‘an orange’ and the well, the latter stuck!

10. Your chance of death increases to 100 % when you are born.

11. When you are dead, you are not alive anymore.

12. Pringles are called pringles because someone named them Pringles.

13. Guns are the number one cause of gunshots.

14. “The Rock” isn’t actually a rock.

15. Breathing is a good way of preventing death.

16. Zebras didn’t invent algebra.

17. Lionel Messi has a special ability to live until he dies.

18. Light switches are also dark switches.

19. The plural of “mouse” is “mice” but the plural of “house” isn’t “hice”.

20. Saying 5/10 would recommend is same as saying 5/10 wouldn’t recommend.

21. 2017 is actually your age plus the year you were born. (If you were born in 1990, then your age would be 27. So 2017 would be 1990 + 27)

22. A fly can fly but a walk cannot walk.

23. Japan’s flag isn’t a pie-chart representing how much of Japan is actually Japan.