Crazy Facts About Famous Movies

Crazy Facts About Famous Movies

The Wolf of Wall Street : Apart from the huge critical acclaim received by the movie, and wining so many awards(Oscar Nomination of Jonah hill for best supporting actor). The movie also made a very unique Guinness world record. The record was for ‘Most swearing in one film’. The same f-word expletive is used 506 times- an average of 2.81 times per minute.

HANGOVER : In The Hangover, Ed Helms is ACTUALLY missing a tooth. He got a permanent implant when he was a teenager, so his dentist removed his implant for filming.

STAR WARS Every movie in this series has included the line “I have a bad feeling about this”.

IRON MAN In 1981, 16 year old Robert John Downy Jr. served a day suspension from high school after snatching a comic book from the hands of a classmate and ripping it to shreds while calling him a nerd. What the comic book was his classmate reading?”The Invincible Iron Man

“Terminator 2: The Judgement Day Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $15 million for the second film and had a toal of 700 words of dialogue, which meant he was paid $21,429 per word. “Hasta la vista, baby” cost $85,716, convert it into indian currency it will be around ₹57,25,450.

District 9– alien language in this movie was created by rubbing pumpkin.

Contact – The great machine in the contact was originally designed as a time machine for terminator 2-judgement day.

Jurassic park– The sound of the velociraptors communicating with each other in Jurassic Park is actually the sound of tortoise mating.