Designing Your Own Sport

Designing Your Own Sport

Is it Direct Scoring (where the numerical score is directly determined by the actions of the competitors ie soccer/football, American football, tennis, racing), Judged Scoring (where judges decide a score based on the performance ) or Win/Lose (where winning is based on a non-numerical basis ie some martial arts)?

Are there multiple ways to gain or lose points (ie touchdown vs field goal, execution vs difficulty scores, technical vs presentation scores)?

Are there objects other than the body used (ie balls, boxing gloves, rackets)?

Is there infrastructure other than the body needed (ie nets, hoops, goals)?

Is scoring/competition individual or on a team basis?

If it is on a team basis, how many teams play at a given time?

If it’s on an individual basis, how many individuals compete at a given time?

Is it direct competition (ie tennis, football) or comparative competition (ie racing, gymnastics, figure skating)?

What is the goal of the sport?

What is the mechanism to play the game?

Where can it/must it be played?

Is competition gender-segregated or coed?

Is there physical contact between competitors?

How do records carry over between competitions (ie win/lose records, ranking, point totals, point differentials)?

Are there physical requirements to be able to play?

Are there variations of the sport, including for disabled people?