Drinking doesn’t Keep You Warm


All of you must have encountered other confusing side effects of alcohol like it makes you think that you are acting smart (and sometimes makes you the best dancer on the floor) while actually making you objectively dumber. Anyone who’s been sober at a bar is familiar with this paradox. But you may not know that it has the same effect on your ability to not freeze to death. Yeah, alcohol’s a dick like that.

And you know what? Go take a shot of booze if you have some around. You feel warmer, right? But just like how that chick you brought home after drinking a lot wasn’t nearly as hot as she was the previous night, the same goes for your core body temperature.

Alcohol makes you feel warm and turn beet red because it causes your blood vessels to dilate. This brings the blood closer to the surface of your skin, which makes you feel warmer.

Unfortunately, with the warmth now oozing off the surface of your skin instead of trapped in the core of your body, you’re losing precious body heat. So while sitting in your unheated apartment in the dead of winter pounding vodka might seem like a decent idea, your skin and Russian history are leading you astray.

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