Facts About Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Facts About Dubai – United Arab Emirates

1.Luxury car enthusiasts don’t need to go to a car show to see some top tier vehicles. Dubai traffic jams are full of luxury cars, and they certainly make traveling bumper to bumper more extravagant.

2. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose one of these pricey phones, which were spotted for sale at the Dubai International Airport. The US price listed on the right side of the tag shows these cellular devices are worth more than some people’s homes.

3. In case you needed to grab some gold while on the go, Dubai has ATMs that dispense fine gold bars sold at real time prices. This particular gold ATM is located in the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, which cost over $1 billion to construct.

4. Even coffee chains like Starbucks get the luxury treatment.

5. Home to the most elevated tennis court in the world, Dubai even goes as far as taking their recreational sporting to extremes.

6. Limousines may extend vehicles to new lengths, but in Dubai they also go wide! This broad Jeep Wrangler must be an absolute nightmare to park.

7.Even the cops in Dubai ride in style. With this Lamborghini police vehicle, one can only imagine that car chases in this city would look like something straight out of a Fast & Furious film.

8. Turns out, parking lots in Dubai aren’t just a showcase for luxury vehicles, they also double as casual zoos.

9. Pet cats look a lot different in Dubai. Not only do people take their camels for walks, they also take their pet lions for casual boat trips.

10. Not only do the super wealthy in Dubai have wildly exotic pets, they also feed them some exotic food. One Emirati user posted this picture to Instagram of his two lion cubs feasting on a shark in his backyard.

11. Don’t let the lack of snow make you think you can’t hit the slopes in Dubai. Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort, is 22,500 square meters and is located in the Mall of the Emirates.

12. Not only is Dubai home to the largest mall in the world, the city’s gigantic shopping center also includes one of the largest suspended aquariums to ever exist.

13. Even the bus stops in Dubai don’t skimp out on luxury. These little enclosed stops are equipped with air conditioning so you don’t have to wait in the heat.

14. For a city that laughs in the face of moderation, it’s no surprise that the dessert options are incredibly over the top. Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes store is home to the world’s most expensive cupcake, which contains 23 carats of edible gold.

15. Those traveling to and from Dubai can embrace the city’s luxury in the air with extravagant first class flights.

16. In a city surrounded by decadence, it’s no surprise that some of Dubai’s bedrooms look fit for royalty. This room in particular is just one of the many suites offered at the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab.