Facts About Mail-Order Brides

Facts About Mail-Order Brides

Most people have heard of mail-order brides, but did you know that they are part of a a multi-million dollar industry that rakes in some serious cash for some serious people? Mail-order brides have a very long history, going back to the early days of the nineteenth century, when it became a popular phenomenon on the American frontier. Back then the frontier was a very dangerous, but also lucrative, place. Many men found their fortune there but they soon realized that few women lived on the frontier.

What is mail order bride?

mail order bride is a girl or a woman who use list in a catalog for marriage purpose and being selected by a man. This may be fuelled by the brides who lived in the underworld countries and wish to marry the person who lived in a prosperous or a developed country.

More information related to mail order brides are available from the speculation, heresy as well as rumor. Thus, there is a list of top 10 known facts regarding mail order brides are as follows:

Long History: 

Mail order brides has a long history and gained popularity on Asian frontier. Men start writing to women and courting via mail. After that photos and correspondence were interchanged. This process gained popularity and give rise to an industry today known as the mail order brides.

Big Profit:

A lot of money can be made in the mail order brides industry.

Asian Frontier:

Concept of mail order bride was firstly seen in Asian frontier. The men use to migrate to various lands in search of establishing their business but miss the company of wife, so they publish an advertisement and in return women provide their photographs to them through Asian mail order brides.

How to Meet:

There are two main types of international agencies for marriage exists. The first type use to sell women clients, and encourage the men as well as women for corresponding prior meetings. The second type use to provide a group tour for the person who is interested in traveling and meeting hundreds of women at some social events that is organized by the Japanese mail order brides company.

Divorce Rates:

The report of USCIS state that the marriage which are arranged by the mail order brides services will shows a lower rate of divorce rather than nation as whole.

Sweet Escape:

Many people think that the Russian mail order brides are quite desperate who need to marry with a foreigner that help in getting out of the hell of Russia and starting a new life. But, this is absolutely incorrect that is Russia has a shortage which is marriage oriented. Due to which most of the Russian women has to look out for a husband.


Mail order bride services are quite traditional associated with the Asian as well as Russian women. However, nowadays brides from the entire world voluntarily post themselves searching for a husband. And women from Asia, Russia and Japan have been picking up by the man in popularity.

Dangers Involved:

Being a mail order bride result dangerous, as there are some cases where such married men murdered their wife’s.


Many people thought that the mail order bride services are not legal. The United States includes some laws that protect women’s form abusing and violence and the services offered by the mail order are named in such laws.


Contrary to the popular belief almost every mail order marriages are enjoying a great success. This will be attributed at high correspondence as well as ensure that both are good and solid match.