Facts about sex workers and prostitution

Facts about sex workers and prostitution

1. The Worlds Oldest Prostitutes are twins (74) who have been sex workers for 50 years. This title goes to Dutch twins Louise and Martine Fokkens who retired in 2013 at the age of 71. The twins started when they were 20 years old. They claim to have bedded more than 335,000 men between them.

2. $7,000 or more for one night with gay escort Josh Brandon. Josh Brandon is one of the highest paid gay escorts. He lives in the UK. As one of the most expensive gay escorts he makes $7000 or more for one night. His yearly earning can be up to $500,000. He also advocates for the industry and does charity work for the National Ugly Mugs (a sex worker only database that helps keep sex workers safe).

3. $25,000 or more for one night with escort Lauren. Lauren is one of the highest paid escorts and is hard to get hold of. She has earnt up $25,000 or more for a night or $50,000 for a weekend. Most of her clients belong on the Forbes List.

4. $200,000 for one night with the ladies gigolo Hikaru Aizawa. The highest paid gigolo is Japan’s Hikaru Aizawa who has made up to $200,000 a night. His clientele has brought him gifts that included a 2nd edition watch (Brad Pitt has the 1st), $7,000 bottle of Japanese Soju and claims his apartment was completely furnished by gifts from his clientele.

5. Nokia branded their mobile “prostitute” in Spanish. When Nokia release their mobile phone with the name Lumia, they had forgotten to do a translation check. Lumia is also Spanish slang for prostitute.

6. The Peugeot brand for cars translates to “prostitute” in Southern Chinese. In Southern China the word Peugeot translates into Biǎozi, which sounds like the same word used for prostitute in English.

7. One of the highest alcoholic content drinks worldwide was invented by a former prostitute. The drink ‘Aunt Roberta’ was named after its inventor a bootlegging former prostitute. It falls into the top 10 list of worlds most alcoholic drinks. It contains 8.5 shots of high percentage alcohols and is rumoured to shorten your lifespan. It is belived to have killed 34 of her patrons.

8. Sex workers of historic Greece could be punished for not wearing lipstick. In historic Greece lipstick was so synonymous with prostitution that a prostitute found not wearing lipstick could be punished for trying to pass herself off as a lady of society.

9. Originally, Cinderella was a sex worker. It is thought the origins of Cinderella came from Egypt. It was based on a real woman called Rhodopis. In her actual life she was a slave girl from Greece who later became a very wealthy courtesan but never a queen.

10. Gay prostitution was the ‘go to’ job for straight men during the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, in 1932 there was a huge influx of straight men choosing prostitution and providing services to a gay clientele. The influx was so large that gay sex workers had to move to more remote locations. These men did not want to be inferred to as gay so often chose to be the top rather than the receiver. They would usually only agree to receive oral than give it or do mutual masturbation. Although they were happy to trade for money, it was the stigma connected to their sexuality which had most of them leave the industry around the mid century.