Facts that are extremely scary to know

  1. Until the early 1980s, toxic wastes were routinely buried or dumped in a number of locations around the United States, with no oversight and no containment methods – Not only are these chemicals still in place, many have been “lost”, as the companies that disposed of them are no longer in business and the workers who buried them are retired or deceased. Your home (if it was built after that point) could be near or on one of them and you wouldn’t know until the effects of the buried toxins began to harm you or your family.
  2. For less than several thousand dollars, you can purchase enough pain killers to murder the populations of an individual state – In what should be a matter that might keep people in charge up late at nights, with $2–4k USD, you can purchase enough of a specific animal tranquilizer/pain killer to end the lives of millions of people. You can have it shipped from several countries directly to your home. And even a small dosage is enough to sicken people who simply handle the package if its residue is present on the outside.
  3. There are nearly 300–400k criminal fugitives loose in the United States at any given time. Many are no longer being pursued by the authorities and are essentially “free” until or if they are caught and returned to the justice system – So that means that rapists, armed robbers, pedophiles and even murderers are roaming the streets and they are unlikely to be caught and returned for prosecution as many are no longer being sought. So if someone bumps into you a store or they give you a really hard look in public, you might want to let it go.
  4. An average of 685 people PER DAY in the United States die from medical mistakes – That’s five times higher than the number who die in automobile accidents and more than ten times higher than those who are murdered using firearms. It’s one of the leading causes of death in this country and for some of the people reading this it’s likely the reason that you will die at some point in the future.
  5. The evacuation plans of most major cities have never been tested – Most were drawn up decades ago, and they depend upon there being advanced notice, the infrastructure remaining mostly intact, the majority of people cooperating, and more than a far amount of luck. In cities which have boomed in the last 30 years, the plans almost certainly are going to fail in many cases, as the rapid growth has made new emergency planning prohibitively expensive; and so older plans have been simply “redone” to accommodate the increased population, rather than entirely new plans being drafted. Unless you have your own plan for evacuation or remaining in place (if possible) there‘s a good chance that you will be injured or killed trying to evacuate using your municipality’s emergency plans. That is…if you even know or are aware of them.
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