Facts You May Not Have Known about The Joker

Facts You May Not Have Known about The Joker

1. Joker is based on the B/W film star Conrad Veidt

The comic book trio Batman Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson are all credited with creating The Joker, but it was Finger who brought an important element into the game: German screen actor Conrad Veidt.

When he produced a pale, deformed picture of Gwid’s character, Gwynplaine from the 1928 film, The Man Who Laughs, a light bulb was lit and The Joker was born quickly.

2. Joker was once the mother of Bruce Wayne

The critically acclaimed Flashpoint comic by Geoff Johns introduces an alternative reality where everything in the DC universe is turned on.
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There was a serious curved ball for the Wayne family when young Bruce was shot dead by robbers in Crime Alley and his father Thomas finally took Batman’s robe. Martha, who was deeply traumatized by the death of her son, suffered a mental breakdown and became The Joker, perhaps making the family Christmas dinner a bit awkward.

3. He once had a close friend named Gaggy

Harley Quinn? Forget it. Joker’s first best friend is a pint-sized psychotic clown called Gaggy Gagsworth. The character debuted back in the Batman comics # 186 in 1966, but was quickly captured by Batman and Robin during careless theft.

Gaggy was later resurrected for the Gotham City Sirens series, disguised as The Joker to lure his new number two, Harley Quinn, to his end. Everything did not go according to plan, making Gaggy tragically in the cold again.

4. He (finally) got an R-rated film

The Joker has done some very bad things in his 75 years of history. So it is surprising to know that all the big screen antics have been in the realm of PG-13 / 12A. This will soon change thanks to the upcoming animated film version of the classic Alan Moore comic The Killing Joke. The original 1988 story saw Prince Clown of Crime shoot and paralyze Commissioner’s Gordon daughter, Barbara in one of the most shocking moments about the story of Batman.

Add that to the widely circulated theory that Batman broke the Joker’s neck in the last frame, and you have one of the most brutal DC stories going on.

5. Cesar Romero refuses to shave his mustache for that part

The ’60s Batman TV series is packed with great actors on a wrestling screen away from Adam West.

Among them was a fine Latino movie star, Cesar Romero, who flatly refused to reject his autograph. As a result, the make-up department must have sufficient supplies to pollute the face.

6. He killed Robin in cold blood

In the post-Miller Miller comic book world, viewers crave a little darkness with the stories of their superheroes. Step forward The Joker, who killed Robin Robin Todd Jason incarnation at the climax of the four-part series A Death in the Family.
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Interestingly, the plot twist was decided by the reader after DC Comics held a telephone poll to ask if Robin should live or die. Seeing Jason’s character who was not very popular, bloodshed must have occurred.

7. Heath Ledger designed his own Joker make-up

The Dark Knight pocketed the Oscar nomination for Best Make-Up, and several awards must be given to Heath Ledger, who came with the Joker’s own distinctive appearance.

Taking the white clown’s make-up and cosmetics from the drugstore, Ledger went over the method and put together a different look himself. The make-up team then has to reproduce Ledger’s work for every day of filmmaking.