Facts You Need To Know About DOTA 2

Facts You Need To Know About DOTA 2

1. Just when you came to know that your fed up illusions would get one hit by Roshan, there is one thing you should know. Even though your illusions instantly die if they hit Roshan, you can order them to stay in the Pit to tank the Roshan who would have to ultimately have to hit the illusions instead of you. Result is EASY ROSHAN

2. Theres probably one hero that can exploit the bloodstone to the max and that is a hero you wont even think of right now. Yes, If meepo has bloodstone, the death of clone will not reduce the bloodstone charges on meepo and you can have maximum number of bloodstone charges on him without the worries of dying

3. Timed your position correctly with Rubick to steal the perfect chrono? Well, guess what, Faceless void can never get chronoed. You probably have to use your stolen Chrono on other enemies because apparently Faceless void does not give a damn about it.

4. Medusa’s ultimate makes only magical abilities of Medusa to deal pure damage and not anything else. Yeah, Dagon and other magical damage items won’t do shit.

5. Clockwerks hookshot deals damage and stun enemies on the way to the target.

6. Phoenix’s Sun Ray allow Phoenix to be immune from entangling abilities such as overgrowth, web and spirit bear’s entangling claws

7. Lifestealer can eat leshrac with pulse nova and Naga with Song without canceling the ability

8. Tinker cannot rearm Arcane boots but he can rearm Guardian Greaves

9. Each Helm of the Dominator can dominate a creep. More Dominators equals more macros.

10. The last fact is not related to the game play but is important historical information. According to the Warcraft 3: DotA lore, Terrorblade and Antimage are actually brothers, and Omniknight, Abaddon are the same character.