Fortnite is getting a new “Creative” mode

Fortnite is getting a new “Creative” mode

“Fortnite” is getting a new “Creative” mode, and it’s scheduled to arrive on December 13.

Fortnite Season 7 starts on Thursday, December 6. The exact timing is still a little bit up in the air, but it will require a patch with downtime before it goes live. That nearly always happens at 4:00 a.m. Eastern time, with the game going up somewhere between 1 and 2 hours later.

Like the name implies, Creative mode allows players to create custom islands within the trappings of “Fortnite.”

Think of it like an infinite version of the building system that’s already a crucial component of “Fortnite.” You can fly through the air, pick up existing objects and copy/move them, and create from nothing — no need to collect resources!

A season in Fortnite refers to when the developer releases a new battle pass, which is a $10 purchase that unlocks more and more cosmetic items as you play, in addition to some extra weekly challenges. You have 10 weeks to unlock everything in the battle pass, after which it’s gone forever. Those 10 weeks constitute a season.

That’s how things started, at least. Over time Epic has also used the seasons as opportunities to pursue a narrative and theme that extends way past the battle pass itself. Last season was Halloween themed, which meant not only Halloween-themed skins in the battle pass but also a ton of spooky additions to the map alongside an epic limited time mode for Halloween itself.

If that sounds a lot like the creative mode in “Minecraft,” that’s because it’s very similar.
Fortnite CreativeYou use a smartphone in Creative mode to build stuff. Epic Games

Along those lines, friends are able to join up with you to help create and play around on the maps. You can add various game modes to your custom levels as well — traditional stuff like Deathmatch — and revisit your custom levels to play later.

Though the new mode doesn’t arrive until December 13, anyone buying the new Battle Pass on December 6 will get a week of “early access” to “Fortnite Creative.” And if you’re in, you can invite friends who don’t have the Battle Pass to join you on your private island.


News of the new mode first leaked overnight when popular “Fortnite” YouTuber Lachlan published a video detailing the mode — then removed the video, likely due to the fact that Epic Games had yet to officially announce the new game mode. (It’s back up now, as you can see above.)

Between Lachlan’s popularity and the internet being what it is, copies of the original video continued to circulate. During the introduction to his video, Lachlan explains that Epic Games flew him and “a bunch of creators” to the North Carolina-based headquarters of the “Fortnite” studio. He says that he spent a few days playing with the new mode, and it’s, “awesome.”