God of War: Quick Facts You Should Know

God of War: Quick Facts You Should Know

No Adult Language

In a game series that is known for featuring immense amounts of excessive gore, gratuitous nudity, and a lot of grim overtones to the overall storyline, players are not shocked to find that the game has an M rated ESRB rating. If you go on the ESRB rating, you will see the game is listed as M rated for all the reasons I just explained before, however one funny thing about the game’s rating is that it is put down that the game contains “strong language.”

However, truth be told, there is not one instance in the entire main trilogy that features any F bombs or the like. The only time any “strong language” can be found is in the behind-the-scenes footage in the extras sections. So, if you are ever wondering if Kratos is a bad guy or not, just remember that he is not a fan of excessive swearing.

The Story of a Blue Kratos

Did you know that Kratos’ signature full body tattoo was supposed to be blue? It would seem to make a lot more sense, as basic tattoo ink is a bluish black color. And it isn’t as though they tried out a bunch of different colors and then decided that red would have worked the best, it was a last minute change to the character, as it was pretty dead set that Kratos would be blue.

According to the game’s creator David Jaffe, it was only a few days before the day of release of God of War that the color was changed to red. What was the reason for this spontaneous change? Well, the game’s creators worried that Kratos would look too much like The Barbarian from Diablo II , a character who is also clad in blue body paint and that they would get into some legal troubles if they left it.

The Voice of the God of War

So, have you ever wondered who the man behind the voice of Kratos is? Well, you may be shocked to find out, because the voice of Kratos is none other than Terrence “TC” Carson. Does the name not sound familiar to you? You may recognize him for his portrayal as Kyle Barker in the mid 1990s sitcom Living Single or as the voice of Mace Windu in the highly successful Star Wars animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, as well as the voice of Ra’s Al Ghul in the recent Justice League vs. Teen Titans.

Carson was born in Chicago in 1958 and has been nominated for a variety of awards for his voice acting work. He started his career as a dancer and studied architecture in college before pursuing his career in the performing arts. Who would have thought he would end up voicing the God of War himself?

God-of-War ps4.png
Fan of Impalement

When it comes to Kratos, you can’t help but talk about how the man has escaped death more times that you can you count. He has quite literally been to hell and back more than once, and if you are ever looking to kill this demigod, you are going to have to try harder than impaling him. In every game in the main trilogy, Kratos has been fatally impaled…and lived. This first time was when he was close to defeating Ares in God of War and so the original God of War himself threw a large pillar hundreds of miles, hitting Kratos just beneath the ribs. God of War II saw Zeus stab Kratos with the Blade of Olympus, and Kratos attempted to kill himself at the end of God of War III. However, with a new entry into the series looming overhead, Kratos still breathes to see another day. What can kill this man?
While we discussed before that Kratos gets his namesake from the God of Strength, Cratus, he does get some other influence from the story of Hercules (also known as Heracles). The story of Hercules, simply put, is that he was blessed with immense strength from birth because of his demigod nature. Because of his strength, the Gods quickly grew disdain for Hercules. However, being driven insane with power, he slayed his wife and two children. Seeking redemption he was forced to surpass twelve trials to gain redemption for this act. This plotline more or less parallels the story of Kratos, however, there are a few differences here and there. Many fans were questioning whether or not the famous Greek hero would make it into the God of War storyline before his announcement as a boss battle in God of War III. After seeing what Kratos can do to Hercules in that game, we are no longer questioning which of the two would beat the other in a bar fight.

For a god of ancient Greece, Kratos sure is tech savvy. A fun little easter egg that you can find in the HD remake of the original God of War allows you to hear the Spartan on the other end of the phone line and, I gotta say, it is well worth your time if you are looking for a good laugh.

At the very end of the game, during the scene in which you approach the throne of the Ares, there are two statues. While they may look like scenery, they can be destroyed to reveal two secret messages. Heading to the main menu will reveal the messages to in fact be phone numbers that you can call. I won’t leave the exact numbers here, as you will have to find them out for yourself, but it is highly recommended you call the numbers if you want to know more about the God of War himself.

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Kratos Actually Fulfilled His Prophecy

One of the central themes of the God of War franchise, if you have time to discern any moral values from within all the bloodshed and betrayal, is the concept of being able to control fate. This theme is most prominent in God of War II, in which most of Kratos’ journey is spent in pursuit of the Sisters of Fate on the Island of Creation.

On this journey of vengeance, he is brought before a statue of one of the sisters, who tells him outright that his journey will end without victory and that he will inevitably die in the process. By the end of God of War III, it seems that Kratos has proven his fate to be wrong and that he is victorious. This is until, SPOILER ALERT, he kills himself with the Blade of Olympus. It would seem that the fates were right after all huh? Well, following the credits, it would seem that Kratos may have survived his run in with fate after all.

Almost Killed Other Myths

A lot of times, when it comes to cracking jokes about Kratos and the God of War franchise, people like to say that Kratos is getting so tired of killing Greek Gods that he will probably take on all the other gods of different mythologies. Never did they realize, however, that this might actually come to be true.

Originally, it was suggested that at the beginning of God of War III, Kratos would kill Zeus immediately before moving on to Norse and maybe even Egyptian gods. While it sounds crazy, it has been an idea that has been thrown around the office for a while now and with the announcement of a new entry into the series, we may see some new faces such as Thor and Odin pop up pretty soon. I won’t say much, but these faces better watch out because Kratos the God Killer may be after them pretty soon.