Google own a huge number of weird domain names

Google own a huge number of weird domain names

Most of the domain names owned by Google are obvious. For Example:

However, some domain names are really absurd. Although most of them do not point to any real website, they’re weird afterall. Here are a few of them:


Google bought back in 2010. What makes this domain name debatable is that there is a search engine called (“The search engine that doesn’t track you”). This led to many people believing that this was an attempt by Google to hit this much smaller search engine.

Imagine typing “” in your browser thinking this might take you to DuckDuckGo and Boom! You land at Google, totally opposite.

After the controversy, Google changed it to land on On2 Technologies, a page explaining why Google bought the domain, and containing a link to DuckDuckGo!

2- GoogleSucks:

Google owns the domain Here is why:

Back in the days, gripe sites (Websites dedicated to criticism of a particular individual) used to be companies’ biggest fear. Websites like (CompanyName) used to be everywhere on the internet. MitsubishiSucks, HondaSucks, Scew-PayPal, and so on.

This is reason Google went on to buy before anybody else could. And not only that, they also bought GmailSucks, GoogleFools and a lot of other NSFW domain names.

3- GoogleReligion:

Google owns two domains named and

Why? Well, maybe Google just wants to show that they’re big.

4- http://goooooooooooooooooooooooo….com:

Can that be a typo? No way!

5- And the longest one:

The longest existing domain name is also owned by Google. Here it is:

Can’t even bother reading that.

So how many domain names does Google own in total?

2549, Altogether! Most of them would not open because they simply do not point to any real website yet.