How do astronauts survive without sex

How do astronauts survive without sex

The funny thing is that there isn’t a sex urge in a microgravity environment. Being in so-called “zero-gee” makes it very very difficult for an erection to happen or be sustained. All that talk about making love in a low-gravity environment is just romanticism.

But let’s say that it does happen, and some scientist gets the itch. How do they scratch it?

How do you, if you don’t have a partner? You masturbate. You probably do it somewhere private, and you get it over quickly. Well, guess what? There are private restrooms in the ISS; there were private restrooms on the space shuttle. It’s a little hard to do the deed in a Soyuz capsule, though.

And as I’ve pointed out in another thread, if someone can’t control the ‘urge’ and keep control for a period of at least two months (and usually more like six months), then they don’t get chosen to be astronauts. Period. Unless they’re some sort of space tourist, like Christine McAuliffe or Richard Garriott.

Also, as I understand it, the food they give to astronauts and cosmonauts is laced with chemicals that kill the libido. This isn’t because NASA wants to be jerks to astronauts — it’s because a boner in a vacuum suit could kill you. Dead.

In fact, the heart will shrink over time the longer astronauts are in orbit. It also means that there is less blood in our lower extremities, the region that the body pulls from when generating an erection.

Sex in an environment lacking gravity would result in all fluids such as sweat, vaginal wetness and semen pooling and floating around the cabin — making the high-jinks more than slightly uncomfortable.

Have astronauts ever had sex in space
No Sex in Space


There are two sets of individuals who are most likely to have had sex in outer space. The first are Jan Davis and Mark Lee, who were the first married couple to go to space in 1991. Usually, NASA refused to send married astronauts to space for fear of upsetting team dynamics, but this flight was basically their honeymoon, as they got married right before the mission. Rumors even circulated around this time of a zero gravity sex tape, but were of course never substantiated.

Another pair that could have done it were Elena Kondakova and Valery Polyakov who did a mission on space station Mir in the 1990s. The rumors about them intensified when they were caught flirting in space, playfully splashing water at each other on camera. Once again, despite the rumors, there has been no proof and neither of these two cosmonauts are talking.