How do you know if you have a fetish?

How do you know if you have a fetish?

A fetish is not weird or abnormal. What is it that gets your motor revving? Being attracted to breasts or butts or legs… can all be considered a fetish. Totally normal.

Generally speaking, you’ll know something is a fetish when you mention it to a partner, and they give you that puzzled, maybe even slightly queasy look that says, “You want to do what?”Not everyone has one. Some have more than one. To some people, it isn’t anything special at all. If you and everyone you associate with shares a common interest, then that interest isn’t even noteworthy, much less abnormal.

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Fetish is a sexual need

If we all thought spanking was a part of every-day intimacy, we wouldn’t think to call it a fetish. It’s only when someone reacts with shock that we realize we may have taken it a step beyond “normal.”The TV show Bones ran a line where Booth talks about people being into BDSM as being bad at sex. He says that if they had real, meaningful relationships, the love shared in real sex would be everything they needed. He assumes, then, that people who try to build games around it are thus having bad sex, and it must be because their relationships are lacking.By contrast, the comic series Sunstone describes kinksters as “sexual nerds.” They’re people to took something we all enjoy and said, “How could we improve on it? I like this, but what could I do to make it even more fun?”

If you have a fetish, you’ll find out eventually when you talk to someone about something you like, and they give you that judgemental look that says, “What’s wrong with you?”Then you should go and find someone less judgemental to be with, because that person is a jerk.