How Old is our Universe?

How Old is our Universe?

While Many of you may be not known it but it is 13.8 billion years old. It’s a very very long time. There is a famous theory which known as ‘BIG BANG THEORY’. It says that Our universe born after a massive unprecedented explosion. Before it all Universe constitutes in a single dot which has infinite mass and infinite density.

How Old are we?

Earth formed around 4 billion years ago. However, Life developed on Earth after a long period of time. Some 1.5 to 1 billion years ago life had emerged on the earth in form of single cell bacteria. Later on as evolution was going on many new species came in existence. The modern age of humanity begins some 250 years ago after the industrial revolution ( This marks the beginning of MODERN WORLD)

How much actually we are old relative to the beginning of Universe?

Think it…

The answer is…

If we measure the age from the beginning of Universe( 13.8 billion years ago) till now( 2018) in a one single calendar. This known as ‘Cosmic calendar’. Then, the facts are terribly scary.

Every month= 1 billon year

Every day= 40 million year

Now in this scenario if we locate the human history which we usually read in our books.

Shockingly, All the major events taken place in human history has happened in the last day of the last month in a single year time calendar.

It means we are born and move form craddle on 11 pm on 31 December. All activities happen after 11 pm on the last day.