It’s perfectly legal to eat human flesh

It’s perfectly legal to eat human flesh

After getting his foot amputated due to a motorcycle accident, this man asked the doctor if he could bring his foot home (he had to get some papers signed, though).

He was allowed to bring it home. His plan was to cook it and eat it. He also invited some friends over to eat his foot with him.

According to the man, it tasted like buffalo but “super beefy” and a “little fat.” I can’t believe his friends actually accepted his offer to eat it….

Now, it’s not as simple as it seems.

Desecration of a corpse is illegal, and eating a corpse definitely counts as desecration.This means you can’t get the flesh from a corpse. It has to be willingly amputated from a living person.

Good luck with that, because legally obtaining an amputated body part from another person is going to be… hard, let’s say. 😉 Unless, of course, if the amputated body part belonged to you. After all, it’s yours, so you can do whatever you want with it.