Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 Grammy dress accidentally invent Google Images

Jennifer Lopez’s 2000 Grammy dress accidentally invent Google Images

Jennifer Lopez debuted a bold look in the year 2000 when she wore a green-coloured Versace dress to Grammy Awards that looked like she wrapped the scales of a tropical jungle on her skin. The dress did wonders, both for her as well as those who would later use Google Images.

The singer recently took to her YouTube channel in which she can be heard revealing that it was her dress that led to the invention of Google Images. Soon after she debuted the look, people went on the search engine to look for the image but they couldn’t as there was no provision to search for pictures.

As a result, Google branched out to Google Images. She thus called the jungle green printed outfit as her “biggest fashion moment ever.” She said, “So many people went searching for this and they had no way to search for a picture at that time on the Internet so they created Google Images.”

“I heard we crashed the system that night,” she added.

Jennifer Lopez also revealed that there was a time in history when she could almost make a choice that would lead to her not choosing that iconic dress. She said that there was a white dress and the green Versace dress to choose from. JLo revealed that her stylist suggested that she should go with the white dress because three people had already worn the green Versace. When Lopez had stepped out wearing the green dress, she said that her manager asked her to wear the green dress. She used double stick down to keep the dress in place