Life Hack : Have You ever run out of battery?

  • Wait you don’t need to change the battery immediately, this one you can try and your battery will work one more time (Or maybe even for sometime, Depends on the device you are using). You can do three things:
  • Take out the batteries and pop them inside your clothes for ten minutes or so or rub them briskly between your hands for a short time. Also turn them in place to ensure that the contacts are as clean as possible.
  • Give the device a little jerk or drop the batteries on the floor from a normal height.
    Take out the batteries and swap their places (ie. turn them around).

Reason: An AA battery (as it is called) is composed of a single electrochemical cell that may be either a primary battery (disposable) or a rechargeable battery. The cells work on a chemical reaction in which there is a flow of electrons between the terminals, When you drop the batteries from a height or rub them actually you are providing some energy to the cell and the atoms get excited due to which the cell gives out more juice (Power).
What is probably happening in case is that the action of taking the batteries out, turning them around, and putting them back in again rubs the electrical contacts on the batteries and in the flashlight, scratching off a thin layer of oxide or corrosion that may be on the metals. Oxides often make good electrical insulators and are a real problem in making reliable electrical contacts. Contacts which must be of high reliability are often coated in gold or some other metal which does not oxidize easily.

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