Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga Pants

Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga Pants

We’re living in a leggings-obsessed world

1. They’re ridiculously comfortable. Let’s just start with that. It’s the biggest reason yoga pants are the best.

2. They’re pretty inexpensive.

3. Let’s face it: they make your butt look amazing. And we could all use that boost sometimes.

we're living in a leggings-obsessed world
Almost all—99 percent!—of yoga pants on the market are made for women

4. You can wear them to the gym or to sleep or when going to your friend’s house – they’re versatile. You can’t wear jeans to the gym.

5. They’re a little bit better than baggy sweatpants and don’t make you feel as grungy. Sometimes you want to wear sweatpants but you don’t want to look like a total bum. Enter yoga pants!

6. At this point, wearing them is a reminder that you can wear what you want without someone else’s approval. So many people are against them that now wearing them in public is almost like making a statement.

7. There are so many cute options. You can get flared yoga pants, skinny ones, cropped yoga pants… not to mention all of the cute designs offered.

8. When you wear them, you don’t have to deal with buttons or zippers. There’s nothing digging into your skin.

9. There is no restricting waistband. COMFORT.

pair of clothing that is too tight on a girl’s butt
Yoga pants are comfortable and amazing

10. The elastic makes them so easy to move around in. Even the stretchiest of jeans just don’t allow for certain lounge positions.

11. They’re perfect period pants because they are not affected by bloating or anything like that.

12. Tuck them into boots and add a cute shirt, and you’ve got a great outfit.

women shouldn’t be allowed to wear them everywhere
Yoga Pants Are The Most Important Piece Of Clothing

13. They’re super easy to store in your room. Unlike jeans, which take up so much space.

14. They’re perfect for sleepovers because you can wear them there, and just leave them on while you’re sleeping. No changing required!

15. They were basically made for shopping. Slip ’em on, slip ’em off! Perfect for trying on new clothes.

  • The average price of a pair of yoga leggings has actually dropped over the last several years. In 2014 the average pair retailed for $50.10, and in 2016 the average price was $25.40. Now the average price has dropped to $20.70. When was the last time something you loved actually became less expensive!?

  • Almost all—99 percent!—of yoga pants on the market are made for women (up from 94 percent last year). And men pay an average of $6 more per pair than ladies do. One of the few areas where we pay less than men!

  • The top brand for leggings isn’t Kendall’s beloved Lululemon. The top five, in order are: Alo Yoga, Victoria’s Secret, 90 Degree by Reflex, Electric Yoga, and Vivian’s Fashions.

  • Alo also offered the most styles according to the data: 133 to be exact.

  • The most expensive brand in the survey was Lululemon—its leggings average $101.80 per pair.