Netflix Black Mirror Bandersnatch Facts

Netflix Black Mirror Bandersnatch Facts

A Black Mirror Bandersnatch is interactive film, in which the viewer chooses the plot direction multiple times. Although the listed running time is 90 minutes, this is approximate depending how long the viewer decides to keep watching. The total amount of footage included to make all of the film’s possible variations work is 5 hours 12 minutes 13 seconds, as revealed by the film’s BBFC classification.
The windows of Stefan’s house are in the shape of the White Bear symbol.
In Colin’s apartment there is a poster for Philip K. Dick’s ‘Ubik’: a sci-fi story that deals with themes of free will and death much like Bandersnatch.
The fax sounds you hear at the end of Bandersnatch on Stefan’s headphone translates to a QR code. That leads you to a website where you will find one of the games that’s being shown in the movie.
A poster that reads “METL HEDD” with a dog-like figure can be seen, a reference to the Black Mirror episode Black Mirror: Metalhead (2017), in which a woman is chased by robotic dogs after the unexplained collapse of human society.
Some of the Black Mirror Easter eggs in the movie are Black Mirror episode titles, misspelled. The game titles METL HEDD and Nohzdyve, refer to Metalhead and Nosedive respectively.
Near the start of the movie, as Stefan listens to either the Thompson Twins or to Now 2 while travelling in the bus, a billboard outside the bus saying ‘Matey’ on it has a graffito of the glyph from White Bear and the words NO FUTURE next to it.
There is a Valdack’s Revenge poster hanging in Stefan’s bedroom. This is a reference to Billy Magnussen’s character from Black Mirror: USS Callister (2017) )
The actor portraying Jerome F. Davies is Jeff Minter, who himself is actually a famous 8-bit video game designer and programmer who created several successful games in the 1980s for the ZX Spectrum (among others), which is a computer prominently featured in the movie.
The cassette player Stefan uses is the Sony TPS-L2, the first in the Walkman series. The headphones have been restored with the orange foam.
In the beginning of the movie a character named Colin Ritman programs what appears to be ZX Spectrum home computer. This is possibly an homage to legendary Spectrum game programmer Jon Ritman.
At one point in the film, the therapist’s first initial is shown to be “R,” making her “R. Haynes.” This could be a reference to Rolo Haynes, the owner of the Black Museum in the season 4 finale “Black Museum.” Although, it could also be a coincidence.
When the sound chip on the Commodore is mentioned, this is true. The SID chip (Sound Interface Device) was superior to other systems at the time.
The fork glyph that occurs within this episode is the same as that which appears in Black Mirror: White Bear (2013).
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A cover from Power, Corruption and Lies designed by Peter Saville from New Order second album published in 1983 can be seen in Colin’s apartment.
Just before Stefan is introduced to Colin Ritman, Mohan Tucker says Hudson and Imagine. Both are names of actual Software houses in the early 80s. The fictional company of Tuckersoft is based on Hudsonsoft, while the operation of the company and indeed the game Bandersnatch are attributed to Imagine.
As well as showing the glyph from White Bear, the shape of the windows in Stefan’s house are reminiscent of Tetris block shapes, another game reference.
In Colin’s apartment there is a post depicting a nuclear explosion taken from the anime Akira(1988), even though the events are meant to take place four years prior in 1984
Mohan Tucker (Ausim Chaudhry) said to Kitty (Tallulah Haddon) that her hair used to be blue. This a reference to Spaship, movie that have a woman with hair just like Kitty, but in blue.
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There are 5 possible endings. SPOILER ALERT

1) DEATH: Stefan leaves with his mother on the train and they die in the crash.

2) JAIL: Stefan is imprisoned for killing his father.

3) FIGHT: Stefan battles his therapist and father during a session.

4) SET: Stefan jumps out a window and realizes he is being filmed.

5) LOOP: history repeats itself and Stefan’s game is rated 5/5 on television. Some of these endings come with further variations. For example, the “jail” ending is preceded by different TV reports depending on how many people Stefan killed.