Neutron stars are among the most interesting objects in the universe

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Neutron stars are formed by the gravitational collapse of other massive stars but their mass is not enough to form a black hole.

  • They are among the tiniest objects known in the universe(~10-13 kilometer radius).
  • Have a mass of a few times that of the sun! (~1.4-2 solar masses).
  • They spin around as rapidly as 700 times a second. That’s ~42,000 times a minute.
  • Have a density of 3.7×10^17  to  5.9×10^17 kg/m^3. That’s approx 10^14 times more dense than the sun, comparable the the density of an atomic nucleus!
  • This density is approximately equivalent to the mass of a Boeing 747 compressed to the size of a small grain of sand.
  • One teaspoon of the material of a neutron star would weigh 5 billion tonnes. That’s more than the weight of everyone on the earth combined!


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