Scientific Facts About Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

The World Meteorological Organization revealed that we now have the highest carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere in the past 800,000 years. For this, you can blame a combination of human perfidy toward our planet and an exceptionally strong El Nino weather event. El Nino is a recurring weather system that essentially makes life miserable … Read moreScientific Facts About Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Will Ferrell – 30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Him

Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell specializes in character-based comedy. The characters he plays are often over-the-top, and he gets laughs from their personalities. His true self is far less goofy, and it is obvious when he is in interviews that his actual personality isn’t anything like the characters he plays on TV and movies. At 30 years old, … Read moreWill Ferrell – 30 Facts You Didn’t Know About Him