Pokemon Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

  • Each region is based after a real-life place.
  • Kanto is based after the Kanto area of Japan
  • Johto is from the Kansai area in Japan
  • Hoenn was modeled after the island Kyushu
  • Sinnoh came from the island Hokkaido
  • Unova is New York City and different aspects of it
  • Kalos came from Northern France
  • The upcoming Alola region is equal to Hawaii
  • Note that each region corresponds to a lot of the culture from their real world counterparts. Game Freak studies intensively on the places before creating them as pokemon areas. Even the Japan based regions do have differences because Japan’s islands can vary culturally (I’ve been to Kyushu and they nailed a lot of it)
  • Pokemon’s success was mostly due to Mew. It was a pokemon Shigeki Morimoto created and snuck into the Red & Green games without the higher ups knowing. The secret of mew and its mysteriousness attracted gamers
  • In Ruby/Sapphire and OmegaRuby/Alpha Sapphire, there is a berry-giving girl in Sootopolis city named Kiri. Kiri was based after Junichi Masuda’s daughter, who was born shortly before the original games were completed.


  • Junichi Masuda is famous for designing a lot of Pokemon’s core elements and creating the “Masuda Method” for finding shiny pokemon easier.
  • According to recent interviews, Game Freak purposely told its designers to “go crazy” with the new Alola pokemon designs. Why? Because it was the 20th anniversary and while the gamers should have fun, so should the artists. Some of their experimental designs became actual pokemon that have been growing in popularity
  • As a note Jangmo-o was recorded as the first Alola pokemon created
  • Greninja had been created just as Kalos was being considered for a new game. Nintendo wanted a new pokemon that would be perfect for battling in the new Super Smash Bros.
  • What is inside a pokeball? Recent interviews state that it’s similar to “a posh 5-star hotel room” that is tailored to each pokemon. So the pokemon are relaxing comfortably while they await being called on (but some don’t want to miss out on the action, hence pikachu)
  • Porygon 2 and Porygon Z have not, and probably will never, have an anime appearance. Porygon had been in an episode where blue and red lights emitted gave children seizures. As a result, the episode was banned from showing again.
  • Ash (Satoshi in Japan) is named after the pokemon’s creator, Satoshi Tajiri. Ash’s rival Gary (Shigeru) is named after Tajiri’s friend & partner to making the games; Shigeru Miyamoto.
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