Popular Fallout character is using the Rule of Thumb


During the Cold War, lots of people expected the US and the Soviet Union to exchange nuclear missile strikes. They thought nuclear armageddon could arrive any day.

So in the event of nuclear armageddon, what are some tips? One tip that was widely popularized, was the Rule of Thumb.

The Rule of Thumb says if you extend your arm, and put your thumb over a nuclear mushroom cloud, you can tell if you’re in danger from radiation. If your thumb covers the entire cloud, you’re safe. If it doesn’t, you’re in danger and need to take cover.

This tip wasn’t necessarily true, but luckily nuclear war never broke out and they never had to use it.

But in the Fallout games, nuclear war did break out. And guess what extremely popular Fallout character is using the Rule of Thumb?

He’s not doing a thumbs up, he’s checking if he’s about to be covered in nuclear radiation.

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