Public Domain Acronym Abbreviation

World & Nature

2D – 2-Dimensional
3D – 3-Dimensional
3M – Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing
4GL – Fourth Generation Language
4H – Head, Heart, Hands, Health
A – Aftermath
A&M – Agricultural and Mechanical
A/D – Analog to Digital converter (see ADC)
A/P – Accounts Payable
A/R – Accounts Receivable
AA – Affirmative Action committee
AA – Alcoholics Anonymous
AA – Antiaircraft Artillery
AA – Associate in Accounting
AA – Automobile Association (in England)
AAA – American Automobile Association
AAAAAA – the Association for the Abolition of Abused Abbreviations and Asinine A
AAAL – American Academy of Arts and Letters
AAAS – American Association for the Advancement of Science – A.A.A.S
AAII – American Association of Individual Investors
AAMSI – American Association for Medical Systems Informatics
AAP – Affirmative Action Program
AARC – Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
AB – ABle seaman
ABA – American Bar Association
ABA – American Basketball Association
ABA – American Booksellers Association
ABBR – ABBReviation
ABC – American Broadcasting Company
AC – Alternating Current (ac, see also DC)
AC – Ante Christum (before Christ)
AC – Ante Cibum (before meals)
ACAA – Agricultural Conservation and Adjustment Administration
ACAWS – Advisory, Caution, And Warning System
ACBL – American Contract Bridge League
ACC – Argonne Code Center
ACCS – Army Command and Control System
ACD – Automatic Call Distributing system
ACE – Automatic Calibration and Equalization
ACHEFT – Automated ClearingHouse Electronic Funds Transfer
ACK – ACKnowledge
ACL – Advanced Cmos Logic
ACM – Association for Computing Machinery
ACO – Acronym Control Officer
ACS – Advanced Communications System
ACTS – Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTS – Automatic Coin Telephone Service
ACU – Alarm Control Unit
ACW – Alternating Continuous Waves
AD – After Date
AD – Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)
AD – Application Development
AD&D – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
ADB – A DeBugger
ADB – Apple Desktop Bus
ADC – Analog to Digital Converter
ADCI – Automatic Display Call Indicator
ADF – Automatic Direction Finder
ADM – ADMiral
ADP – Adenosine Di-Phosphate
ADP – Administrative Data Processing
ADP – Advanced Data Processing
ADS – Application Development System
ADS – Automatic Voice System
ADSR – Attack Decay Sustain Release
ADT – Abstract Data Type
ADT – Atlantic Daylight Time
AE – Application Execution
AEA – American Electronics Association
AEC – Atomic Energy Commission
AEF – American Expeditionary Force (see BEF)
AEGIS – Advanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System
AF – Adventures in Fantasy
AF – Air Force
AF – Audio Frequency
AFADS – Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
AFATDS – Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFB – Air Force Base
AFC – American Football Conference
AFC – Automatic Flight Control
AFC – Automatic Frequency Control
AFCAC – Air Force Computer Acquisition Center
AFCC – Air Force Communications Command
AFGE – American Federation of Government Employees
AFIPS – American Federation of Information Processing Societies
AFL – American Federation of Labor
AFL – American Football League
AFLCIO – American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFNOR – Association Francaise de NORmalization
AFP – Appletalk Filing Protocol
AFS – Andrew File System
AFSC – Air Force Systems Command
AFSCME – American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees
AFTRA – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
AG – Adjutant General
AG – Arcade Game
AG – Attorney General
AGCT – Army General Classification Test
AH – Avalon Hill (major war game manufacturer)
AHL – American Hockey League
AHQ – Air HeadQuarters
AI – Artificial Intelligence
AIAA – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIC – Automatic Intercept Center
AID – Agency for International Development
AIDDE – Ames’ Interactive Dynamic Display Editor
AIDS – Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome
AIOD – Automatic Identification Outward Dialing
AIS – Automatic Intercept System
AIX – Advanced Interactive eXecutive (unix)
AK – Alaska
AKA – Also Known As
AL – Alabama
AL – American League (baseball)
ALA – American Library Association
ALA – Automobile Legal Association
ALBM – Air-to-Land Ballistic Missile
ALC – Automatic Load Control
ALGOL – ALGOrithmic Language
ALU – Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM – Amplitude Modulation
AM – Ante Meridiem (before noon)
AMA – American Medical Association
AMA – Automatic Message Accounting
AMARC – Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
AMBA – Association of Master of Business Administration
AMC – Albany Medical College
AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
AMEX – AMerican EXpress
AMORC – Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis
AMP – Adenosine MonoPhosphate
AMPAS – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AMRAAM – Advanced Medium Range Air-To-Air Missile
AMSAT – radio AMateur SATellite corp.
AMU – Atomic Mass Unit
AMVET – AMerican VETeran
ANA – American Nurses Association
ANC – All Number Calling
ANC – Army Nurse Corps
ANDF – Architecture-Neural Distribution Format
ANF – Automatic Number Forwarding
ANG – Air National Guard
ANI – Automatic Number Identification
ANL – Argonne National Laboratory
ANOVA – ANalysis Of VAriance
ANPA – American Newspaper Publishers Association
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ANZUS – Australia, New Zealand, United States
AO – Account Of
AOL – Absent Over Leave (see AWOL)
AOS – Academic Operating System
AP – Additional Premium
AP – All Points
AP – Associated Press
APA – All Points Addressable
APB – All Points Bulletin
APDA – Apple Programmers and Developers Association
API – Application Programming Interface
APICS – American Production and Inventory Control Society
APO – Army Post Office
APP – Applications Portability Profile
APPC – Advanced Peer-to-Peer Communications
APR – Annual Percentage Rate (as in loan interest)
APSE – Ada Programming Support Environment
AQ – Accumulator-Quotient register
AR – Address Register
AR – Arkansas
ARC – American Red Cross
ARCNET – Attached Resource Computer local area NETwork
ARO – After Receipt of Order
ARPA – Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANET – Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork
ARRL – Amateur Radio Relay League
ARV – American Revised Version
AS – Anglo-Saxon
ASA – Acetyl Salicylic Acid
ASAP – As Soon As Possible
ASC – Accredited Standards Committee
ASCAP – American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
ASCC – Automatic Sequence-Controlled Calculator
ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASDIC – Anti-Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (British for sonar)
ASDSP – Application-Specific Digital Signal Processor
ASG – Automated Sciences Group
ASHRAE – Amer. Soc. of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-cond. Engineers, inc.
ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASP – Aggregated Switch Procurement
ASSR – Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
AST – Atlantic Standard Time
ASV – American Standard Version
AT – Atlantic Time
AT&T – American Telephone & Telegraph
ATA – Automatic Trouble Analysis
ATACC – Advanced Tactical Air Command Central
ATB – Advanced Technology Bomber (stealth bomber)
ATC – Air Traffic Control
ATF – Advanced Technology Fighter
ATIS – Atherton Tools Interface Specification
ATM – Automatic Teller Machine
ATOMS – AT&t Optimized Materials Simulator
ATP – Adenosine TriPhosphate
ATPCO – Airline Tariff Publishing COmpany
ATTIS – American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems
ATV – All Terrain Vehicle
AUS – Army of the United States
AUTODIN – AUTOmatic DIgital Network
AUTOVON – AUTOmatic VOice Network
AV – AudioVisual
AVLIS – Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation
AWACS – Airborne Warnings And Control Systems
AWEA – American Wind Energy Association
AWK – al Aho, peter Weinberger, brian Kernighan (pattern scanning language)
AWOL – Absent WithOut Leave (also Absent Without Official Leave) (see AOL)
AZ – Arizona
ApJ – Astrophysical Journal – Ap J
B – Book
BA – Bachelor of Arts
BACH – Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
BAFO – Best And Final Offer
BASIC – Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BB – Bases on Balls
BB – Best of Breed
BB – Bunnies and Burrows
BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
BBB – Better Business Bureau
BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation
BBL – Barrel
BBN – Bolt, Beranek, and Newman
BC – Battlecars
BC – Before Christ
BC – British Columbia
BC/BS – Blue Cross/Blue Shield
BCD – Bad Conduct Discharge
BCD – Binary Coded Decimal
BCDIC – Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
BCE – Before the Common Era (substitute for BC)
BCP – Byte Controlled Protocols
BCPL – Basic Combined Programming Language
BCS – Bachelor of Commercial Science
BCS – Binary Compatibility Standard
BCS – Boston Computer Society
BCS – British Computer Society
BD – Bachelor of Divinity
BD – Bank Draft
BD – Bills Discounted
BD&D – Basic Dungeons & Dragons
BDF – Binary Distribution Format
BDT – Billing Data Transmitter
BE – Bill of Exchange
BEF – British Expeditionary Force (see AEF)
BELCORE – BELL COmmunications REsearch
BEM – Bug Eyed Monster
BENELUX – BElgium, NEtherlands, and LUXembourg
BER – Bit Error Rate
BEST – Borland Enhanced Support and Training
BF – Brought Forward
BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFD – Big F***ing Deal
BFHD – Big Fat Hairy Deal
BH – Boot Hill
BHP – Brake HorsePower
BICS – Building Industry Consulting Services
BID – Bis In Die (twice a day)
BIOC – Break Into Other Computers
BIOS – Basic Input Output System
BIS – Business Information System
BLAST – BLocked ASynchronous Transmission
BLF – Busy Line Field
BLT – BLock Transfer
BLT – Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato
BM – Basal Metabolism
BM – Bowel Movement
BMA – Bank Marketing Association
BMEWS – Ballistic Missile Early Warning
BMO – Ballistic Missile Office
BMOC – Big Man On Campus
BMR – Basal Metabolism Rate
BNF – Bachus-Naur Form
BO – Body Odor
BO – Branch Office
BO – Buyer’s Option
BOC – Bell Operating Company
BOD – Board Of Directors
BOF – Birds Of a Feather
BOM – Bill Of Materials
BOQ – Bachelor Officers’ Quarters
BOS – Business Office Supervisor
BOSIX – Biin Open System Interface eXtension
BP – Blood Pressure
BP – British Pharmacopoeia
BPI – Bits Per Inch
BPOE – Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks
BPS – Bits Per Second
BR – Bills Receivable
BR – British Rail
BRIEF – Basic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility
BRL – army Ballistic Research Laboratory
BRS – Bibliographic Retrieval Service
BS – Bachelor of Science
BS – Bill of Sale
BSA – Birmingham Small Arms
BSA – Boy Scouts of America
BSC – Binary Synchronous Communication
BSD – Berkeley Software Distribution
BSN – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSS – Block Started by Symbol
BSTJ – Bell System Technical Journal
BSc – Bachelor of SCience
BTL – Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTO – Bachman Turner Overdrive
BTU – British Thermal Unit
BTW – By The Way
BThU – British Thermal Unit
BU – Bushido
BV – Blessed Virgin
BWI – Baltimore-Washington International (airport)
BWI – British West Indies
BX – Base eXchange (see PX)
Bit – BInary digiT
C – programming language, successor to BCPL
C&S – Chivalry & Sorcery
C/O – in Care Of
CA – California
CA – Chartered Accountant
CA – Chief Accountant
CA – Chronological Age
CAB – Civil Aeronautics Board
CACM – Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery
CAD – Computer Aided Design (sometimes seen as CAD/CAM)
CAE – Common Applications Environment
CAE – Computer Aided Engineering
CAIS – Common Apse Interface Specification
CALS – Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CAM – Computer Aided Management
CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing (sometimes seen as CAD/CAM)
CAM – Content Addressable Memory
CAMA – Centralized Automatic Message Accounting
CAMP – Campaign Against Marijuana Planting
CAP – Civil Air Patrol
CAP – Columbia Appletalk Package
CAR – Contents of the Address part of the Register
CASE – Computer Aided Software Engineering
CASSIS – Classification and Search Support Information System
CAT – Computer-Aided Tomography
CATIS – Common Applications and Tools Integration Services
CATV – Community Antenna TeleVision
CAVU – Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
CB – Citizens Band radio
CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBD – Cash Before Delivery
CBD – Commerce Business Daily
CBEMA – Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBR – Chemical, Biological, Radiological warfare
CBS – Columbia Broadcasting System
CBW – Chemical and Biological Warfare
CC – Carbon Copy
CCA – Computer Corporation of America
CCC – Canadian Committee on Cataloging
CCC – Civil(ian) Conservation Corps
CCC – Command, Control, and Communications
CCCCM – CCC CounterMeasures (sometimes C^3CM)
CCCI – Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
CCD – Charge Coupled Device (see CID)
CCI – Computer Carrier Interrupt
CCI – Computer Consoles, Incorporated
CCIP – Continuously Computed Impact Point
CCIS – Common Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCITT – Comite’ Consultatif International Telegraphique et Telephonique
CCR – Commitment, Concurrency, and Recovery
CCR – Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCRP – Continuously Computed Release Point
CCSA – Common Control Switching Arrangement
CCTA – Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency
CCTV – Closed Circuit TeleVision
CD – Certificate of Deposit
CD – Civil Defense
CD – Compact Disk
CD-ROM – Compact Disk Read Only Memory
CDA – Call Data Accumulator
CDA – Compound Documents Architecture
CDC – Centers for Disease Control
CDC – Control Data Corporation, inc.
CDEV – Control panel DEVice
CDIAC – Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CDO – Community Dial Office
CDR – CommanDeR
CDR – Contents of the Decrement part of the Register
CDT – Central Daylight Time
CDU – Control Display Unit
CE – Chemical Engineer
CE – Civil Engineer
CE – Common Era (substitute for AD)
CE – Corps of Engineers
CE – Customer Engineer
CEA – Council of Economic Advisors
CEA – County Education Authority
CEC – Commission of the European Communities
CED – Committee for Economic Development
CENS – Centre d’Etudes Nucleaires de Seclay
CENTO – CENtral Treaty Organization
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CERN – organisation (formerly Conseil) Europeenne pour la Recherche Nucleaires
CERT – Computer Emergency Response Team
CEVI – Common Equipment Voltage Indicator
CF – Carry Forward
CF – Coin First payphone
CFC – Chloro-FluoroCarbon
CFC – Combined Federal Campaign
CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFI – Cost, Freight, and Insurance
CFL – Canadian Football League
CFO – Chief Financial Officer
CG – Coast Guard
CG – Commanding General
CG&E – Cincinnati Gas & Electric
CGA – Color Graphics Adapter
CGCT – Compagnie Generale de Constructions Telephoniques
CGE – Compagnie Generale d’Electricite
CH – Cardboard Heroes
CH – ClearingHouse
CH – CourtHouse
CH – Customs House
CHA – Champions
CHAP – CHAnnel Processor
CHI – Chill: Adventures into the Unknown
CHOTS – Corporate Headquarters Office Technology System
CHP – California Highway Patrol
CI – Cubic Inches
CIA – Central Intelligence Agency
CICA – Competition in Contracting Act
CICS – Customer Information Control System
CID – Central Institute for the Deaf
CID – Charge Injection Device (see CCD)
CID – Computer Integrated Design
CIDIN – Common Icao Data Interchange Network
CIM – Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CIO – Chief Information Officer
CISC – Complex Instruction Set Computer
CIT – California Institute of Technology
CIT – Case Institute of Technology (part of CWRU, Cleveland, OH)
CLASP – Comprehensive Logistics Automated Support Program
CLI – Command Line Interpreter
CLR – Combined Line and Recording
CLRC – Circuit Layout Record Card
CLU – Chartered Life Underwriter
CLUT – Color LookUp Table
CM – Congregation of the Mission
CMC – Communication Machinery Corp.
CMD – Centralized Message Distribution
CML – Current Model Logic
CMMU – Cache/Memory Management Unit
CMOS – Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
CMRR – Common Mode Rejection Ratio
CMS – Circuit Maintenance System
CMSgt – Chief Master Sergeant
CMU – Carnegie-Mellon University
CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK
CN – Canadian National (railways)
CN/A – Customer Name / Address
CNN – Cable News Network
CNO – Chief of Naval Operations
CNR – Canadian National Railways
CNR – Carrier to Noise Ratio
CNS – Central Nervous System
CO – Cash Order
CO – Central Office
CO – Central Office (telephony)
CO – Colorado
CO – Commanding Officer
CO – Conscientious Objector
COB – Close Of Business
COBOL – COmmon Business Oriented Language
COC – Call of Cthulhu
COD – Collect On Delivery; Cash On Delivery
CODEC – COder-DECoder
COER – Central Office Equipment Report
COLA – Cost-Of-Living Allowance
COMAS – Central Office Maintenance and Administration System
COMPACT – COMmercial Product ACquisition Team
CONS – Connection-Oriented Networking Session
CORE – COntrolled Requirement Expression
CORN – COmputer Resource Nucleus
COS – Corporation for Open Systems
COSMIC – COmmon System Main InterConnecting frame
COSMIC – COmputer Software Management and Information Center
COSMOS – COmputer System for Mainframe OperationS
CP – Canadian Pacific
CP – Chemically Pure
CP – CoPy
CP – Command Post
CP – Command Processor
CP – the Canadian Press
CPA – Certified Public Accountant
CPFF – Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CPI – Characters Per Inch
CPI – Common Programming Interface
CPL – Combined Programming Language
CPM – Control Program for Microcomputers (sometimes CP/M)
CPO – Chief Petty Officer
CPO – Chief Post Office
CPO – Customer Premises Equipment
CPR – Canadian Pacific Railway
CPS – Characters Per Second
CPSR – Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPT – CaPTain
CPU – Central Processor Unit
CPW – Certified Public Weigher
CQ – Change of Quarters
CQ – Charge of Quarters
CR – Carriage Return (ASCII 15 octal)
CRAM – Card Random Access Memory
CRC – Chemical Rubber Company
CRC – Cyclical Redundancy Character
CREG – Concentrated Range Extension with Gain
CRT – Cathode Ray Tube (also generic reference to a terminal)
CRTC – Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
CS – Civil Servant
CS – Computer Science; Computing Science
CS – County Seat
CSA – Confederate States of America
CSAB – Computing Sciences Accreditation Board
CSACS – Centralized Status, Alarm and Control System
CSC – Computer Sciences Corporation
CSDC – Circuit Switched Digital Capability
CSF – Critical Success Factor
CSI – Commercial Systems Integration
CSIS – Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
CSL – Coin Supervising Link
CSM – Command Sergeant Major
CSMA/CD – Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
CSO – Central Services Organization
CSOC – Consolidated Space Operations Center (at Colorado Springs)
CSP – Control Switching Point
CSR – Control and Status Register
CSRG – Computer Systems Research Group
CSRS – civil Service Retirement System
CSS – Customer Switching System
CST – Central Standard Time
CT – Central Time
CT – Connecticut
CTC – Canadian Transport Commission
CTC – Centralized Traffic Control (railways)
CTD – Computing and Telecommunications Division
CTIO – Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory
CTNE – Compania Telefonica Nacional de Espana
CTS – Compatible Timesharing System
CTV – Canadian TeleVision network
CU – Close-Up
CUA – Common User Access
CV – Curriculum Vitae
CW – Car Wars
CW – Chemical Warfare
CW – Child Welfare
CW – Churchwarden
CW – Continuous Wave
CWO – Cash With Order
CWO – Chief Warrant Officer
CWRU – Case Western Reserve University
CXI – Common X-windows Interface
CY – Calendar Year
CYO – Catholic Youth Organization
CZ – Canal Zone
D – Depth
D&D – Dungeons & Dragons
D/A – Digital to Analog converter
D/F – Direction Finding
DA – Days after Acceptance
DA – Department of Agriculture
DA – Deposit Account
DA – Directory Assistance (/C = computerized, /M = Microfilm)
DA – District Attorney
DA – Don’t Answer
DAC – Digital to Analog Converter
DACCS – Digital Access Cross Connect System
DAD – Draft ADdendum
DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution
DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DASD – Direct Access Storage Device
DAT – Digital Audio Tape
DATA – Defense Air Transport Administration
DAV – Disabled American Veterans
DB – DataBase
DB – DeciBels
DBF – DBase Format
DBME – DataBase Managment Environment
DBMS – DataBase Management System (rdbms for Relational …)
DBRAD – Data Base Relational Application Directory
DC – Direct Current (dc, see also AC)
DC – District of Columbia
DCA – Defense Communications Agency
DCA – Distributed Communication Architecture
DCA – Document Content Architecture
DCC – Descriptive Cataloging Committee
DCCO – Defense Commercial Communications Office
DCE – Data Communication Equipment
DCL – Digital Command Language
DCP – Distributed Communications Processor
DCTS – Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DD – Daredevils
DD – Data Dictionary
DD – Days after Date
DD – Demand Draft
DD – Dishonorable Discharge
DD – Disk Drive
DD – Doctor of Divinity
DDC – Digital Data Converter
DDD – Direct Distance Dial(ing)
DDL – Document Description Language
DDN – Defense Data Network
DDP – Distributed Data Processing
DDS – Doctor of Dental Science
DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery
DE – Delaware
DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency
DEAR – Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation
DEC – Digital Equipment Corporation
DES – Data Encryption Standard
DEW – Distant Early Warning (as in DEW Line)
DF – Damage Free
DF – Direction Finding
DFC – Distinguished Flying Cross
DFD – Data Flow Diagram
DFE – Data Flow Editor
DFM – Distinguished Flying Medal
DFS – Depth-First Search
DFW – Dallas-Ft.Worth (regional airport)
DG – Dei Gratia (by the grace of God)
DG – Director General
DGSC – Defense General Supply Center
DHHS – Department of Health and Human Services
DHSS – british Department of Health and Social Security
DIA – Document Interchange Architecture
DIAD – (magnetic) Drum Information Assembler / Dispatcher
DIAL – Direct Information Access Line
DIAS – Defense Automatic Integrated System
DID – Direct Inward Dialing
DIF – Document Interchange Format
DIN – Deutsches Institut fur Normung
DIRE – Dire Is Really Emacs
DIS – Draft International Standard (ISO)
DISOSS – DIStributed Office Support System
DIY – Do It Yourself
DJ – Disc Jockey
DLA – Defense Logistics Agency
DLL – Dial Long Line equipment
DLO – Dead Letter Office
DM – Dungeon Master
DMA – Direct Memory Access
DMD – Doctor of Dental Medicine
DME – Distance Measuring Equipment
DMOS – Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles
DMZ – DeMilitarized Zone
DNA – DeoxyriboNucleic Acid
DNA – Digital Network Architecture
DNHR – Dynamic NonHierarchical Routing
DNIC – Data Network Identification Code
DNL – Director of Naval Laboratories
DNR – Dialed Number Recorder
DOA – Dead On Arrival
DOB – Date Of Birth
DOC – Dynamic Overload Control
DOD – Department Of Defense
DOE – Department of Energy
DOMAIN – Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network (Apollo)
DOS – Disk Operating System
DOT – Department Of Transportation
DOT&E – Director, Operational Test and Evaluation
DP – Data Processing
DP – Dial Pulse
DP – Displaced Persons (expelled from native land)
DP – Display Postscript
DP – Double Play
DP – Draft Proposal
DPA – Delegation of Procurement Authority
DPANS – Draft Proposed American National Standard
DPI – Dots Per Inch
DPS – Display PostScript
DQ – Dairy Queen
DQ – Dragon Quest
DQL – Database Query Language
DR – Dead Reckoning
DR – Dining Room
DRAM – Dynamic Random Access Memory (as opposed to static RAM)
DRD – Data Reading Device
DRE – Directional Reservation Equipment
DRG – Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany)
DRI – Digital Research, Incorporated
DS – Double-Sided
DSA – Dial System Assistance
DSE – Data Structure Editor
DSEE – Domain Software Engineering Environment
DSM – Distinguished Service Medal
DSO – Distinguished Service Order
DSP – Decessit Sine Prole (died without issue)
DSP – Digital Signal Processing
DSRI – Digital Standard Relational Interface
DSS – Decision Support System
DSS – Direct Station Selection
DST – Daylight Saving Time
DSTN – Double SuperTwisted Nematic
DT – Delirium Tremens
DTE – Data Terminal Equipment
DTF – Dial Tone First payphone
DTMF – Dial Tone Multi Frequency
DTP – DeskTop Publishing
DTR – Data Terminal Ready
DUI – Driving Under the Influence
DUT – Device Under Test
DV – Deo Vo lente (God willing)
DVM – Digital Volt Meter
DVM – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
DWAPS – Defense Warehousing Automated Processing System
DWI – Driving While Intoxicated
DWIM – Do What I Mean
DX – Distance (as in long distance radio communication)
DXT – Data eXtractT facility
E – East
E – Espionage
E&EO – Errors and Omissions Excepted
E-MAIL – Electronic MAIL
EADASS – Engineering and Administrative Data AcquiSition System
EAS – Extended Area Service (or Engineering Admin. System)
EBCDIC – Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ECAFE – Economic Commission for Africa and the Far East
ECASS – Electronically Controlled Automatic Switching System
ECASS – Export Control Automated Support System
ECC – Error Correction Code
ECCM – Electronic Counter-CounterMeasures
ECDO – Electronic Community Dial Office
ECG – ElectroCardioGram
ECL – Emitter Coupled Logic (see also TTL)
ECM – Electronic Counter Measure
ECM – European Common Market
ECO – Electronic Central Office
ECO – Engineering Change Order
ECT – ElectroConvulsive Therapy
ED&D – Expert Dungeons & Dragons
EDGAR – Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval
EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
EDIF – Electronic Design Interchange Format
EDP – Electronic Data Processing
EDS – Electronic Data Systems
EDT – Eastern Daylight Time
EDTA – Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid
EDTCC – Electronic Data Transmission Communications Central
EE – Electrical Engineer
EE – Electrical or Electronics Engineer
EEC – European Economic Community
EEG – ElectroEncephaloGram
EEL – Epsilon Extension Language
EEPROM – Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EGA – Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EHF – Extremely High Frequency (30-300GHz)
EINE – EINE Is Not Emacs
EISA – Extended Industry-Standard Architecture
EISS – European Intelligence Support System
EKG – ElectroKardioGramm (see ECG)
EL – ElectroLuminescent (as in display)
ELF – Extremely Low Frequency
ELO – Electric Light Orchestra
ELP – Emerson, Lake and Palmer (or Powell)
EM – Enlisted Man (see EW)
EMA – Electronic Mail Association
EMACS – Editor MACroS
EMACS – Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
EMF – ElectroMotive Force
EMI – ElectroMagnetic Interference
EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse
EMPRESS – EnvironMental Pulse Radiation Environment Simulator for Ships
EMR – ElectroMagnetic Response
EMS – Electronic Message System
EMS – Extended Memory Specification
EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
EMU – ElectroMagnetic Unit
ENIAC – Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
ENS – ENSign
EO – End Office
EO – Erasable Optical
EOF – End Of File
EOM – End Of Month
EP – Experience Points
EP – Extended Play
EPA – Environmental Protection Agency
EPOS – Engineering and Project-management Oriented Support system
EPRI – Electric Power Research Institute
EPROM – Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS – Encapsulated PostScript
EPT – Empire of the Petal Throne
EQ – Educational Quotient (see IQ)
ER – Emergency Room
ERA – Earned Run Average
ERA – Entity-Relationship-Attribute
ERA – Equal Rights Amendment
ERD – Entity-Relation Diagram
ERE – Entity Relationship Editor
ES – Expert System
ESA – European Space Agency
ESAC – Electronic Systems Assistance Center
ESDI – Enhanced Standard Device Interface
ESE – East South East
ESM – Electronic Support Measures
ESO – European Southern Observatory
ESP – Extra Sensory Perception
ESPS – Entropic Signal Processing System
ESS – Electronic Switching System
ESSEX – Experimental Solid State EXchange
EST – Eastern Standard Time
ET – Eastern Time
ET – ExtraTerrestrial
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC – Et cetera, and so on…
ETD – Estimated Time of Departure
ETFD – Electronic Toll Fraud Device
ETH – Eidgnoessiche Techniche Hochschule
ETS – Electronic Translator System
ETV – Education TeleVision
EUUG – European Unix User Group
EVA – ExtraVehicular Activity
EVX – Electronic Voice eXchange
EW – Electronic Warfare
EW – Enlisted Woman (see EM)
EWOS – European Workshop for Open Systems
FA – Football Association (British soccer–a word derived from Association)
FAA – Federal Aviation Agency
FACD – Foreign Area Customer Dialing
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization of the united states
FAR – Federal Acquisition Regulations
FAS – Foreign Agricultural Service
FAS – Free Alongside Ship
FASST – Flexible Architecture Standard System Technology
FAT – Foreign Area Translation
FAX – FAcsimile
FB – Freight Bill
FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation
FCC – Federal Communication Commission
FCC – Federal Computer Conference
FDA – Food and Drug Administration
FDDI – Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDHD – Floppy Drive High Density
FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FDM – Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDR – Franklin Delano Roosevelt
FEA – Finite Element Analysis
FEDSIM – FEDeral Systems Integration and Management center
FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEPC – Fair Employment Practices Commission
FERS – Federal Employees Retirement System
FET – Federal Excise Tax
FET – Field Effect Transistor
FFA – Future Farmers of America
FFT – Fast Fourier Transform
FHA – Federal Home Administration
FHA – Future Homemakers of America
FIB – Focused Ion Beam
FICA – Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FIDO – Fog Investigation Dispersal Operation
FIFO – First In First Out (as in registers and buffers)
FILO – First In Last Out (see also FIFO)
FIMS – Forms Interface Management System
FINE – FINE Is Not Emacs
FIO – Frequency In and Out
FIPS – Federal Information Processing Standard
FIR – Finite Impulse Response
FIRMR – Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
FIT – Federal Information Technologies, inc.
FL – Florida
FLACC – Full Level Algol Checkout Compiler
FLOPS – FLoating-point OPerations per Second
FLRA – Federal Labor Relations Authority
FM – Frequency Modulation
FMB – Federal Maritime Board
FMCS – Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
FMS – Financial Management Service (Treasury Dept)
FMS – Forms Management System
FO – Foreign Office
FO – Forward Observer
FOAC – Federal Office Automation Center
FOB – Free On Board
FOC – Free Of Charge
FOIA – Freedom Of Information Act
FOIMS – Field Office Information Management System
FOR – Free On Rail
FORCS – Faa’s Operational Reporting Communication System
FORD – Fix Or Repair Daily
FORD – Found On Road Dead
FORTRAN – FORmula TRANslator
FOSE – Federal Office Systems Exposition
FOT – Free On Truck
FOV – Field Of View
FPA – Floating Point Accelerator
FPC – Fish Protein Concentrate
FPE – Floating Point Engine
FPHA – Federal Public Housing Authority
FPLA – Field Programmable Logic Array (see PLA)
FPM – Feet Per Minute
FPO – Field Post Office
FPO – Fleet Post Office
FPS – Feet Per Second
FRACTAL – FRACTional dimensionAL
FRED – Fred Resembles Emacs Deliberately
FRG – Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
FROG – Free Rocket Over Ground
FRPG – Fantasy Role Playing Game
FRS – Federal Reserve System
FSF – Free Software Foundation
FSK – Frequency Shift Keying
FSLIC – Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
FSS – Federal Supply Service
FSW – Forward Swept Wings
FT – Foot
FTAM – File Transfer And Management
FTC – Federal Trade Commission
FTL – Faster Than Light
FTP – File Transfer Protocol
FTS – Federal Telephone System
FUBAR – F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition
FW – Fringeworthy
FWD – Front Wheel Drive
FWHM – Full Width at Half Maximum
FX – Foreign eXchange
FY – Fiscal Year
FYI – For Your Information
GA – Gamblers Anonymous
GA – General Assembly
GA – General Average
GA – General of the Army
GA – Georgia
GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
GAN – Global Area Network
GAR – Grand Army of the Republic
GATT – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GAW – Guaranteed Annual Wage
GB – Gangbusters
GB – GigaByte
GB – Great Britain
GBIP – General Purpose Interface Bus
GC – Garbage Collection (LISP)
GC – Gas Chromatograph (or Chromatography)
GCA – Ground Controlled Approach
GCC – Gnu C Compiler
GCD – Ground Controlled Descent
GCL – Graphics Command Language
GCM – General Court Martial
GCR – Group-Coded Recording (magnetic tape, 6250 bpi)
GCT – Greenwich Civil Time
GDB – Gnu DeBugger
GE – General Electric
GEM – Graphics Environment Manager
GHQ – General HeadQuarters
GHz – Giga HertZ (unit of frequency, 1,000,000,000 cycles per second)
GI – Galvanized Iron
GI – Gastro Intestinal (as in upper GI)
GI – General Issue
GI – Government Issue
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out
GIN – Graphics INput
GISS – Goddard Institute for Space Studies
GKS – Graphical Kernel Standard
GM – Game Master
GM – General Manager
GM – General Motors
GM – Guided Missile
GMBH – Gesellschaft Mit Beschraenkter Haftung
GMT – Greenwich Mean Time
GNP – Gross National Product
GNU – GNU’s Not Unix
GOES – Geostationary Orbiting Environmental Satellites
GOSIP – Government OSI Profile
GP – General Practitioner
GPI – Graphics Programming Interface
GPIB – General-Purpose Interface Bus
GPO – General Post Office
GPO – Government Printing Office
GPS – Global Positioning System
GQ – General Quarters
GRB – Gamma Ray Burst(er)
GREP – Global Regular Expression Print, g/re/p, (UNIX command)
GRO – Gamma Ray Observatory
GS – General Schedule
GS – Glide Slope
GSA – General Services Administration
GSA – Girl Scouts of America
GSBCA – General Services administration Board of Contract Appeals
GSFC – Goddard Space Flight Center
GSTS – Ground-based Surveillance and Tracking System
GT – Gross Ton
GTE – General Telephone and Electric
GTSI – Government Technology Services, inc.
GUI – Graphical User Interface
GW – Gamma World
GWEN – Ground Wave Emergency Network
H – Harn
H – Height
HACD – Home Area Customer Dialing
HAL – Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer (2001)
HAM – Hold And Modify
HBM – Her British Majesty; His British Majesty
HBO – Home Box Office
HC – Holy Communion
HC – House of Commons
HCFA – Health Care Financing Administration
HCL – High Cost of Living
HD – Hard Disk
HD – Heavy Duty
HDA – Head Disk Assembly (in winchester disk drives)
HDBV – Host Data Base View
HDL – High Density Lipoprotein
HDLC – High-level Data Link Control (IBM network stuff)
HDTV – High Definition Television
HE – His Eminence; His Excellency
HEAO – High Energy Astronomical Observatory
HEMP – Help End Marijuana Prohibition
HERO – Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
HF – High Fantasy
HF – High Frequency (3-30MHz)
HFE – Human Factors Engineering
HFS – Hierarchical File System
HI – Hawaii
HIIPS – Hud Integrated Information Processing Services
HLL – High-Level Language
HMOS – High performance Metal Oxide Semiconductor (see MOS)
HMS – His/Her Majesty’s Ship
HMT – His/Her Majesty’s Transport
HNPA – Home Numbering Plan Area
HOBIS – HOtel Billing Information System
HOL – High-Order System
HP – Hewlett Packard, inc.
HP – High Pressure
HP – Higher Power (sort of an AA “in” term, usually God)
HP – Hit Points
HP – HorsePower
HPGe – High Purity Germanium
HPL/T – High-Productivity Languages/Tools
HQ – HeadQuarters
HR – House of Representatives
HRH – Her Royal Highness
HRH – His Royal Highness
HS – High School
HSB – Hue, Saturation, Brightness
HST – Hawaiian Standard Time
HT – High Tension (as in electric power transmission)
HTK – Hits To Kill
HUAC – House Unamerican Activities Committee
HUD – Heads Up Display
HUD – Housing and Urban Development
HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
HW2000 – Highway 2000
HWM – High-Water Mark
Hb – HemogloBin
Hz – HertZ (unit of frequency, cycles per second)
I/O – Input/Output
IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency
IATA – International Air Transport Association
IBM – International Business Machines, inc.
IC – Integrated Circuit
ICB – Interstate Computer Bank
ICBM – InterContinental Ballistic Missile
ICE – In-Circuit Emulator
ICI – Imperial Chemical Industries
ICJ – International Court of Justice
ICL – International Computers Ltd.
ICP – Integrated Channel Processor
ICP – Inventory Control Points
ICRC – International Cosmic Ray Conference
ID – IDentification
ID – Idaho
IDA – Intercommunication Data Areas
IDA – International Development Association
IDDD – International Direct Distance Dialing
IDE – Interactive Development Environments, inc
IDF – Intermediate Distributing Frame
IE – Indo-European
IEE – Institute of Electrical Engineers (UK)
IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IF – Intermediate Frequency (as in IF stage)
IFB – Invitation For Bids
IFC – International Finance Corporation
IFC – International Freighting Corporation
IFF – Identification – Friend or Foe
IFF – Interchange File Format
IFLA – International Federation of Library Associations
IGES – Initial Graphics Exchange Standard
IGY – International Geophysical Year
IHP – Indicated HorsePower
IHS – Integrated Hospital Support
IIA – Information Industry Association
IIE – Institute of Industrial Engineers
IIHF – International Ice Hockey Federation
IIL – Integrated Injection Logic
ILO – International Labor Organization
ILS – Instrument Landing System
IMF – International Monetary Fund
IMHO – In My Humble Opinion
IMP – Interface Message Processor (ARPAnet)
IMSL – International Mathematical Subroutine Library
IN – Indiana
INADS – INitialization and ADministration System
INRA – Iesus Nazerenus Rex Iudaeorum (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews)
INRIA – Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
INS – Immigration and Naturalization Service
INSTITUTE – INSTITUTE’s Name Shows That It’s Totally Unrelated To EMACS
INTAP – INteroperability Technology Association for information Processing
INWATS – INward Wide Area Telephone Service
IO – Input/Output (sometimes I/O)
IOD – Identified Outward Dialing
IOOF – International Order of Odd Fellows
IOU – I Owe you (U)
IP – Innings Pitched
IP – Intermediate Point
IPC – Inter-Process Communication
IPE – Integrated Programming Environment
IPMS – InterPersonal Message Services
IPS – Information Processing Standards
IPSE – Integrated Project-Support Environment
IQ – Intelligence Quotient (see EQ)
IR – Index Register
IRA – Individual Retirement Account
IRA – Irish Republican Army
IRAS – Infrared Astronomical Satellite
IRBM – Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRDS – Information Resource Dictionary Standard
IRDS – InfraRed Detection Set
IRE – Institute of Radio Engineers (old name for the now IEEE, which see)
IRM – Information Resources Management
IRMS – Information Resources Management Service
IRS – Internal Revenue Service
IS – Information Systems
IS – International Standard
ISA – Industry-Standard Architecture
ISAM – Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISBD – International Bibliographic Description
ISC – Information Services Center
ISC – International Switching Center
ISCH – Interstitial-Cell-Stimulating Hormone (same as LH)
ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDT – Integrated Systems Development Tool
ISEE – International Sun Earth Explorer (usually ISEE-3)
ISF – Information Systems Factory
ISFUG – Integrated Software Federal User Group
ISO – International Standards Organization
ISOO – Information Security Oversight Office
ISPM – International Solar Polar Mission
ISR – Institute of Snow Research
ISRG – Independent Space Research Group
ISV – Independent Software Vendor
IT – Industrial Technology
IT – Information Technology
ITC – Inter-Task Communication
ITS – Incompatible Timesharing System
ITT – International Telephone and Telegraph
ITU – International Telecommunications Union
ITUSA – IT Users Standards Association
IUS – Inertial Upper Stage
JACM – Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery
JBS – John Birch Society
JC – Jesus Christ
JC – Joint Compound (plumbing)
JC – Julius Caesar
JC – Junior College
JCA – Jewelry Crafts Association
JCAC – Joint Civil Affairs Committee
JCAE – Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
JCEE – Joint Council on Economic Education
JCET – Joint Council on Educational Television
JCS – Joint Chiefs of Staff
JD – Justice Department
JDS – John Dewey Society
JES – John Ericsson Society
JFK – John F. Kennedy (international airport)
JFMIP – Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
JGR – Journal of Geophysical Research
JI – Justice, Inc.
JIC – Joint Intelligence Center
JIC – Just in Case
JIM – Job Information Memorandum
JINTACCS – Joint INteroperability of TActical Command and Control Systems
JIS – Japan Industrial Standards
JISC – Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
JIT – Just In Time
JMS – John Milton Society
JO – Job Order
JO – Junior Officer
JOVE – Jonathan’s Own Version of Emacs
JOVIAL – Jules Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language
JPL – Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JRC – Junior Red Cross
JSC – Johnson Space Center
JSD – Jackson System Development
JSRC – Joint Services Review Committee
JTIDS – Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems
JV – Junior Varsity
K&R – Kernighan and Ritchie, the c programming language
K9 – canine (K9 corps – army dogs)
KB – KiloByte
KC – King’s Counsel (QC when queen reigning)
KC – Knights of Columbus
KD – Kiln Dried
KD – Knocked Down
KDCI – Key Display Call Indicator
KERMIT – Kl-10 Error-free Reciprocal Micro Interconnect over Tty lines
KHz – Kilo HertZ (unit of frequency, 1000 cycles per second)
KI – Kiwanis International
KIA – Killed In Action
KIAS – Knot Indicated Air Speed
KO – Knock Out
KP – Key Pulse
KP – Kitchen Police
KPNO – Kitt Peak National Observatory
KPO – KeyPunch Operator
KQC – King’s College London
KS – King’s Scholar
KSC – Kennedy Space Center
KSU – Key Service Unit
KTS – Key Telephone System
KTU – Key Telephone Unit
KWIC – Key Word In Context
KY – Kentucky
LA – Los Angeles
LA – Louisiana
LA – Low Altitude
LADAR – LAser Detection And Ranging
LAM – Master of Liberal Arts
LAMA – Local Automatic Message Accounting
LAN – Local Apparent Noon
LAN – Local Area Network
LAR – Local Acquisition Radar
LASER – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LAT – Local Apparent Time
LATA – Local Access Transport Area
LAX – Los Angeles International Airport
LB – Light Bomber
LB – pound (LiBra)
LBHS – Long Beach High School
LBL – Lawrence Berkeley Labs
LC – inductor-Capacitor circuit (as in filters, L is symbol inductance)
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
LCD – Lowest Common Denominator
LCDR – Lieutenant Commander
LCM – Life Cycle Management
LCT – Landing Craft Tanks
LDEF – Long Duration Exposure Facility
LDL – Low Density Lipoprotein
LDX – Long Distance eXtender
LEAP – Low-power Enhanced At Portable
LED – Light Emitting Diode
LEM – Lunar Excursion Module
LF – Low Frequency (30-300KHz)
LH – Left Hand
LH – Lower Half
LH – Luteinizing Hormone (same as ISCH)
LHD – Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor (doctor of human letters)
LHS – Left Hand Side
LI – Long Island
LIFIA – Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale et d’Intelligence Artificielle
LIFO – Last In First Out (see FIFO)
LINC – Laboratory INstrument Computer
LISP – LISt Processing Language
LIU – Line Interface Unit
LL – Late Latin
LL – Long Lines
LLAMA – Logic Lacking A Meaningful Acronym
LLB – Legum Baccalaureus (bachelor of laws)
LLD – Legum doctor (doctor of laws)
LLN – Line Link Network
LLNL – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
LLP – Line Link Pulsing
LM – Life Master (Contract Bridge ranking)
LM – Lunar Module
LMC – Large Magellanic Cloud (see SMC)
LMOS – Line Maintenance Operations System
LNG – Liquified Natural Gas
LOA – Lands of Adventure
LOOPS – Lisp Object Oriented Programming System
LOP – Lines Of Position
LOTS – Low Overhead Timesharing System
LP – Long Playing record
LP – Low Pressure
LPC – Linear Predictive Coding (speech processing)
LPDA – Link Problem Determination Aid
LPF – League for Programming Freedom
LPG – Liquified Petroleum Gas
LPG – Low Pressure Gas
LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse
LPP – Licensed Program Products
LPR – Line PrinteR
LRBM – Long Range Ballistic Missile
LRC – Longitudinal Redundancy Character
LRU – Line Replaceable Unit
LS – Left Side
LS – Letter Signed
LS – Locus Sigilli (place of seal)
LSB – Least Significant Bit; Least Significant Byte
LSC – LightSpeed C
LSD – Least Significant Digit
LSD – LySergic acid Diethylamide
LSD – pounds (Libra), shillings (Sestertii), and (old) pence (Denarii)
LSI – Large Scale Integration
LSP – LightSpeed Pascal
LSS – Life Support System
LSS – Loop Switching System
LSSD – Level-Sensitive Scan Detection
LT – Long Ton
LT – Low Tension
LTC – Lieutenant Colonel
LTJG – Lieutenant Junior Grade
LTL – Less than Truckload Lot
LUG – Local Users Group
LUT – Look-Up Table
LWM – Low-Water Mark
LZ – Landing Zone
M – Miniatures
MA – Massachusetts
MAAP – Maintenance And Administration Panel
MAC – Military Air Command
MACSYMA – project MAC’s SYmbolic MAnipulation System
MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction
MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MAG – Magazine
MAN – Metropolitan Area Network
MAP – Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MARBI – MAchine Readable form of Bibliographic Information
MARC – MAchine Readable card Catalog
MARS – Multiuser Archival and Retrieval System
MASC – Multiple Award Schedule Contract
MASER – Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASH – Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MAST – Multi-Application SOnar Trainer
MAT-CALS – Marine Air Traffic-Control And Landing System
MAU – Math Acceleration Unit
MB – MegaByte
MBA – Master Business Administration
MC – Master of Ceremonies
MCA – Micro Channel Architecture
MCAE – Mechanical Computer Aided Engineering
MCC – Master Control Console
MCC – Microelectronics and Computer technology Corporation
MCP – Master Control Program
MCP/AS – Master Control Program/Advanced System
MCPO – Master Chief Petty Officer
MD – Maryland
MD – Medical Doctor
MD – Months after Date
MDAS – Magnetic Drum Auxiliary Sender
MDE – Modular Design Environment
MDF – Main Distribution Frame
MDT – Mean Down Time
ME – Maine
ME – Mechanical Engineer
MERP – Middle-Earth Role Playing
MEd – Master of EDucation
MF – Medium Frequency (300-3000KHz)
MF – Middle French
MF – Multi-Frequency
MFA – Master Fine Arts
MFLOPS – Million FLoating-point OPerations per Second
MFM – Modified Frequency Modulation
MFS – Macintosh File System
MG – Machine Gun
MG – Major General
MG – Military Government
MGH – Massachusetts General Hospital
MGM – Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
MHD – MagnetoHydroDynamics
MHz – Mega HertZ (unit of frequency, 1,000,000 cycles per second)
MI – Michigan
MI – Military Intelligence
MIA – Missing In Action
MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIFASS – Marine Integrated Fire And Support System
MILNET – MILitary NETwork
MIM – Morality In Media
MIMD – Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data
MINCE – MINCE Is Not Complete Emacs
MIPS – Million Instructions Per Second
MIRV – Multiple Independently-Targetable Reentry Vehicle
MIS – Management Information Systems
MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ML – Middle Latin
MLA – Member of Legislative Assembly (see MPP)
MLD – Minimum Lethal Dose
MLS – Microwave Landing System
MLS – Multi-Level Security
MM – Maryknoll Missioners
MMES – Martin Marietta Energy Systems
MMFS – Manufacturing Message Format Standard
MMM – see 3M
MMU – Memory Management Unit
MN – Minnesota
MNA – Member of National Assembly (Quebec)
MNP – Microcom Networking Protocol
MO – Mail Order
MO – Medical Officer
MO – Missouri
MO – Modus Operandi
MO – Money Order
MOR – Middle-Of-the-Road
MOS – Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET – Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
MOTIS – Message-Oriented Text Interchange System
MOU – Memorandum Of Understanding
MOUSE – Minimum Orbital Unmanned Satellite of Earth
MP – Melting Point
MP – Member of Parliament
MP – Metropolitan Police
MP – Military Police(man)
MPG – Miles Per Gallon
MPH – Miles Per Hour
MPP – Member of Provincial Parliament (Canada; also MLA)
MPW – Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop
MR – Miniatures Rules
MRP – Manufacturing Requirements Planning
MS – ManuScript
MS – Master of Science
MS – Military Science
MS – Motor Ship
MS – Multiple Sclerosis
MS-DOS – MicroSoft DOS
MSB – Most Significant Bit; Most Significant Byte
MSC – MicroSoft C
MSCP – Mass Storage Control Protocol
MSD – Most Significant Digit
MSE – Mobile Subscriber Equipment
MSG – MonoSodium Glutamate
MSH – Marvel Super Heroes
MSL – Mean Sea Level
MSPE – Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes
MSS – Management Support System
MSS – ManuScriptS
MSS – Mass Storage System
MST – Mountain Standard Time
MT – Metric Ton
MT – Mountain Time
MTA – Message Transfer Agent
MTA – Metropolitan Transportation Authority
MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures
MTR – Magnetic Tape Recording
MTSO – Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTTF – Mean Time To Failure
MTV – Music TeleVision
MUF – Maximum Usable Frequency (max freq during sunspot activity)
MULTICS – MULTiplex Information Computer Services
MUMPS – Mgh Utility MultiProgram System
MUNG – Mung Until No Good (see the hacker’s dictionary)
MUX – MUltipleXor
MVA – MegaVolt Ampere
MX – Missile eXperimental
MeV – Million Electron Volts
N – North
N – Notice
NA – Narcotics Anonymous
NA – North America
NA – Not Applicable
NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NAAS – North American Automated Systems co.
NAB – National Association of Broadcasters
NABISCO – NAtional BIScuit COmpany
NACS – National Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NAD – Network Access Device
NADGE – NATO Air Defense Ground Environment
NAG – Numerical Algorithms Group
NAGE – National Association of Government Employees
NAK – Negative AcKnowledge
NAPAP – National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program
NAR – Nuclear Acoustic Resonance
NARDAC – NAvy Regional Data Automation Center
NAS – National Academy of Sciences
NAS – National Advanced Systems
NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA/GSFC – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NAVDAC – NAVal Data Automation Command
NAVSWC – NAV Surface Weapons Center
NB – New Brunswick
NB – Nota Bene
NBA – National Basketball Association
NBC – National Broadcasting Company
NBFM – NarrowBand Frequency Modulation
NBO – Network Build Out
NBS – National Bureau of Standards
NBVM – Narrow Band Voice Modulation
NC – No Charge
NC – North Carolina
NCA – Network Control Analysis
NCC – National Computer Conference
NCDC – National Climatic Data Center
NCE – New Catholic Edition
NCGA – National Computer Graphics Association
NCIC – National Cartographic Information Center
NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer
NCP – Network Control Program
NCR – National Cash Register
NCS – Network Computing System
NCSA – National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSC – National Computer Security Center
NCTL – National Computer and Telecommunications Laboratory
NCV – No Commercial Value
ND – No Date
ND – North Dakota
NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement
NDDL – Neutral Data Definition Language
NDE – News Development Environment
NDEA – National Defense Education Act
NDL – Network Database Language
NDP – New Democratic Party (Canada)
NDSL – National Direct Student Loan
NDT – Newfoundland Daylight Time
NE – New England
NE – North East
NEAR – National Electronic Accounting and Reporting system
NEB – New English Bible
NEC – Nippon Electric Company
NEI – Not Elsewhere Included
NES – National Energy Strategy
NES – Not Elsewhere Specified
NESC – National Energy Software Center
NET – NETwork
NET – National Educational Television
NEWS – Network extensible Window System
NEXRAD – NEXt generation weather RADar
NF – No Funds
NFC – National Football Conference
NFFE – National Federation of Federal Employees
NFL – National Football League
NFS – Network File System
NG – National Guard
NG – No Good
NH – New Hampshire
NHI – National Health Insurance
NHL – National Hockey League (the “nation” is Canada, BTW)
NIC – Network Information Center (ARPAnet)
NIH – National Institutes of Health
NIH – Not Invented Here
NIM – Nuclear Instrumentation Module (an electronic instr. standard)
NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health
NIS – Network Information System (formerly yp)
NISO – National Information Standards Organization
NIST – National Institute of Standards and Technology (formerly NBS)
NJ – New Jersey
NL – National League (baseball)
NLM – National Library of Medicine
NLP – Natural Language Processing
NLRB – National Labor Relations Board
NLS – Network License Server
NM – Nautical Mile
NM – New Mexico
NM – Night Message
NM – No Mark; Not Marked
NMOS – N channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (N-MOS) (see MOS)
NMR – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
NNE – North North East
NNTP – Net News Transfer Protocol
NNW – North North West
NOA – NSWC Office Automation
NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NORAD – NORth American Defense Command
NORML – National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
NOS – Not Otherwise Specified
NOSC – Naval Ocean Systems Center
NOTIS – Network Operator Trouble Information System
NP – No Protest
NP – Nondeterministic-Polynomial
NP – Notary Public
NP – Noun Phrase
NPA – Number Plan Area
NPC – Non-Player Character (see PC)
NPL – Non-Procedural Language
NPN – Negative-Positive-Negative (transistor)
NPN – NonProtein Nitrogen
NPR – National Public Radio
NQS – Network Queuing System
NRA – National Rifle Association
NRC – National Research Council
NRC – Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRE – Non-Recurring Engineering (as in NRE costs)
NRL – Naval Research Labs
NRO – National Reconnaissance Office
NRZ – Non-Return to Zero
NRZI – Non-Return to Zero Indicates
NRZI – Non-Return to Zero Inverted (magnetic tape, 800 bpi)
NS – Not Specified
NS – Nova Scotia
NS – Nuclear Ship
NSA – National Security Agency
NSC – National Security Council
NSE – Network Software Environment
NSF – National Science Foundation
NST – Newfoundland Standard Time
NSW – New South Wales
NSWC – Naval Surface Warfare Center
NSWC – Naval Surface Weapons Center
NT – New Testament
NT – Newfoundland Time
NT – Northern Territory
NTEU – National Treasury Employees Union
NTIS – National Technical Information Service
NTN – Neutralized Twisted Nematic
NTP – Normal Temperature and Pressure (see STP)
NTSB – National Transportation Safety Board
NTSC – National Television Standards Committee
NTSC – Never The Same Color
NTT – Nippon Telephone & Telegraph
NU – Name Unknown
NURBS – NonUniform Rational B-Spline
NUSC – Naval Underwater Systems Command
NV – Nevada
NW – North West
NWS – National Weather Service
NWT – North West Territories
NY – New York
NYC – New York City
NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
NZ – New Zealand
NZUSUGI – New Zealand Unix System User Group, Inc.
OA – Office Automation
OA – Overeaters Anonymous
OAS – Organization of American States
OATS – Office Automation Technology and Services
OBE – Order of the British Empire
OBS – Omni Bearing Selector
OC – Order of Canada
OCDM – Office of Civil Defense and Mobilization
OCI – Out of City Indicator
OCLC – Online Computer Library Center (Ohio College Library Catalog)
OCO – Object Code Only
OCR – Optical Character Recognition
OCS – Officer Candidate School
OD – Doctor of Optometry
OD – Oculus Dexter (right eye)
OD – Officer of the Day
OD – OverDose
ODI – Optical Digital Image
ODISS – Optical Digital Image Storage System
OE – Old English
OED – Oxford English Dictionary
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEO – Office of Economic Opportunity
OES – Order of the Eastern Star
OF – Old French
OFM – Order of Friars Minor
OFS – Order of Free State
OG – Original Gum
OH – Ohio
OIRA – Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
OIU – Office Interface Unit
OJT – On the Job Training
OLTP – On-Line Transaction Processing
OMB – Office of Management and Budget
OMD – Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark
OMV – Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
ON – Old Norse
ONC – Open Network Computing
ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence
ONI – Operator Number Identification
ONR – Office of Naval Research
OOP – Object Oriented Programming
OOPART – Out Of Place ARTifact
OOPS – Object-Oriented Programming System
OP – OFFICEPOWER office automation system, trademark of CCI
OP – Observation Post
OP – Order of Preachers
OP – Out of Print
OPEC – Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
OPM – Office of Personnel Management
OR – Operating Room
OR – Oregon
OR – Owner’s Risk, Own Risk
ORNL – Oak Ridge National Laboratory
OROM – Optical Read Only Memory
OS – Oculus Sinister (left eye)
OS – Operating System
OS – Ordinary Seaman
OS – Out of Stock
OSB – Order of St. Benedict
OSCAR – Orbiting Satellite Carry Amateur Radio (1st launched 12 Dec 1961)
OSCRL – Operating System Command Response Language
OSD – Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSDIT – Office of Software Development and Information Technology
OSF – Open Software Foundation
OSF – Order of St. Francis
OSI – Open Systems Interconnection
OSI/RM – Open Systems Interconnection/Reference Model
OSME – Open Systems Message Exchange
OSP – Optical Storage Processor
OSS – Office Support System
OSS – Office of Strategic Services (later CIA)
OSS – Operation Support System
OSTP – Office of Science and Technology Policy
OT – Old Testament
OT – OverTime
OT&LF – Open Taxi & Limousine Foundation
OTA – Office of Technical Assistance
OTA – Office of Technology Assessment
OTB – Off-Track Betting
OTC – Over The Counter (stocks)
OTF – Open Token Foundation
OTH-B – Over The Horizon – Backscatter (as in radar)
OTR – On The Rag
OTS – Officers’ Training School
OUTWATS – OUTward Wide Area Telephone Service
PA – Pennsylvania
PA – Per Annum
PA – Play Aid
PA – Power of Attorney
PA – Press Agent
PA – Private Account
PA – Public Address
PA – Purchasing Agent
PABX – Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PAD – Packet Assembler-Disassembler (for networking)
PAL – Phase Alternation Line-rate
PAL – Programmable Array Logic
PAM – Pulse Amplification Modulation
PARC – Palo Alto Research Center, xerox
PATROL – Program for Administrative Traffic Reports On Line
PBM – Play By Mail game
PBS – Public Broadcasting System
PBX – Private Branch eXchange (mini-telephone network system)
PC – Peace Corps
PC – PerCent; PerCentage
PC – Personal Computer
PC – Player Character (see NPC)
PC – Post Card
PC – Post Cibum (after meals)
PC – Privileged Character
PC – Privy Council
PC – Program Counter
PC – Progressive Conservative party (Canada)
PC-DOS – Personal Computer DOS
PC/AT – Personal Computer/Advanced Technology
PCB – PolyChlorinated Biphenyls
PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PCI – Panel Call Indicator
PCIE – President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency
PCL – Printer Command Language
PCM – Plug-Compatible Mainframe
PCM – Pulse Code Modulation
PCPC – Personal Computers Peripheral Corporation
PCS – Permanent Change of Station
PCTE – Portable Common Tools Environment
PCTS – Posix Conformance Test Suite
PD – Per Diem
PD – Police Department
PD – Potential Difference
PD – Public Domain
PDAD – Proposed Draft ADdendum
PDE – Partial Differential Equation
PDES – Product Data Exchange Specifications
PDF – Program Development Facility
PDL – Page Description Language
PDL – Program Design Language
PDP – Plasma Display Panel
PDP – Programmed Data Processor
PDQ – Pretty Damned Quick
PDT – Pacific Daylight Time
PE – Phase Encoded
PE – Physical Education
PE – Prince Edward island
PE – Printer’s Error
PE – Professional Engineer
PE – Protestant Episcopal
PEI – Prince Edward Island
PEP – Productivity Enhancement Project
PEPE – Pepe Est Presque Emacs
PERL – Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
PERL – Practical Extraction and Report Language
PEX – Phigs/phigs+ Extension to X
PGA – Professional Graphics Adapter
PGA – Pure Grain Alcohol
PHA – Pulse Height Analyzer (or Analysis)
PHIGS – Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PHS – Public Health Service
PIF – Paid In Full
PIT – Principal, Interest, and Taxes
PIXEL – PIcture ELement
PLA – Programmable Logic Array
PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
PLCC – Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLL – Phase-Locked Loop
PLM – Programming Language for Microcomputers
PLO – Please Leave On
PM – PayMaster
PM – Police Magistrate
PM – Post Meridiem
PM – PostMaster
PM – PostMortem
PM – Preventive Maintenance
PM – Prime Minister
PM – Provost Marshal
PM/X – Presentation Manager for X windows
PMO – Prime Minister’s Office
PMOS – P channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor (P-MOS) (see MOS)
PMT – PhotoMultiplier Tube
PN – Promissory Note
PNP – Positive-Negative-Positive (transistor)
PO – PettyOfficer
PO – Post Office
PO – Postal Order
PO – Purchase Order
POC – Port Of Call
POD – Pay On Delivery
POE – Port Of Embarkation
POE – Port Of Entry
POGO – Polar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
POM – Phase Of Moon
POPS – Paperless Order Processing System
POR – Price On Request
POS – Point Of Sale
POSI – Promoting conference for OSI
POSIX – Portable Operating System for unIX
POV – Point Of View
POW – Prisoner Of War
PP – Parcel Post
PP – Past Participle
PP – Primary Point (or dial Post Pay payphone)
PPB – Parts Per Billion
PPC – Pour Prendre Conge’ (to take leave)
PPCS – Person to Person, Collect, Special
PPM – Parts Per Million
PPN – Parameterized Post-Newtonian formalism for general relativity
PPN – Project Programmer Number
PPS – PostPostScriptum
PPT – Pulse Pair Timing
PQ – Province of Quebec
PR – PayRoll
PR – Public Relations
PR – Puerto Rico
PRC – Planning Research Corporation
PROFS – PRofessional OFfice System
PROM – Programmable Read Only Memory
PS – PicoSecond
PS – PostScript
PS – PostScriptum
PS – Power Steering
PS – Power Supply
PS – Public School
PSA – Problem Statement Analyzer
PSC – Polar Stratospheric Clouds
PSDS – Public Switched Digital Service
PSE – Programming Support Environment
PSG – Platoon SerGeant
PSK – Phase Shift Keying
PSL – Problem Statement Language
PSR – “Product Specific Realizations
PST – Pacific Standard Time
PSTN – Public Switched Telephone Network
PT – Pacific Time
PT – Patrol Torpedo (as in PT boat)
PT – Physical Therapy
PT – Physical Training
PTA – Parent-Teacher Association
PTD – Parallel Transfer Disk
PTO – Patent and Trademark Office
PTO – Please Turn Over
PTO – Power Take-Off
PVO – Pioneer Venus Orbiter
PW – Prisoner of War (usually POW)
PWG – Permanent Working Group
PX – Post eXchange (see BX)
PhysRev – Physical Review Journal – Phys Rev
QAM – Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QC – Quality Control
QC – Queen’s Counsel
QD – Quaque Die (daily)
QDA – Quantity Discount Agreement
QED – Quod Erat Demonstrandum (which was to be demonstrated)
QEF – Quod Erat Faciendum (which was to be done)
QEI – Quod Erat Inveniendum (which was to be found out)
QET – Quantum Effect Transistor
QIC – Quarter-Inch Cartridge
QID – Quater In Die (four times a day)
QLI – Query Language Interpreter
QM – QuarterMaster
QMC – QuarterMaster Corps
QMF – Query Management Facility
QMG – QuarterMaster General
QMS – Quality Micro Systems
QNS – Quantity Not Sufficient
QWERTY – first six keys from left on top alphabetic row of standard keyboard
R – Rolemaster
R&B – Rhythm and Blues (commonly R and B)
R&D – Research and Development (commonly R and D)
RA – Regular Army
RA – Research Assistant
RA – Royal Academy
RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force
RACE – Random Access Card Equipment
RACEP – Random Access and Correlation for Extended Performance
RAD – Radiation Absorbed Dose
RAD – Rapid Access Disk
RADAR – RAdio Detection And Ranging
RADM – Rear ADMiral
RAF – Royal Air Force
RAM – Random Access Memory
RARDE – Royal Armaments Research and Development Establishment
RAS – Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
RASC – Residence Account Service Center
RBC – Red Blood Count
RBI – Runs Batted In
RBOC – Regional Bell Operating Company
RC – Red Cross
RC – Regional Center
RC – Resistor-Capacitor circuit (as in filters)
RC – Roman Catholic
RCA – Radio Corporation of America
RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAS – Reserve Component Automation System
RCC – Radio Common Carrier
RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RD – Rural Delivery
RDA – Remote Data Access
RDBMS – Relational DataBase Management System
RDF – Radio Direction Finding
REA – Rail Express Agency
REM – Rapid Eye Movement
REO – R. E. Olds
REO – Removable, Erasable, Optical
REXX – Restructured EXtended eXecutor
RF – Radio Frequency
RFC – Request For Comments
RFD – Rural Free Delivery
RFI – Radio Frequency Interference
RFP – Request For Proposals
RFS – Remote File System
RGB – Red Green Blue
RGP – Raster Graphics Processor
RH – Right Hand
RHS – Right Hand Side
RI – Rhode Island
RIACS – Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (NASA)
RIAS – Radio In the American Sector, berlin
RIF – Reading Is Fundamental
RIF – Reduction In Force
RILM – Repertoire International de Literature Musicale
RIP – Rest In Peace (or Requiescat In Pace : latin)
RISC – Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RITA – Recognition of Information Technology Achievement award
RJE – Remote Job Entry
RLC – Resistor Inductor Capacitor
RLL – Run Length Limited
RMATS – Remote Maintenance Administration and Traffic System
RMS – Root Mean Square
RMS – Royal Mail Ship
RN – Registered Nurse
RN – Royal Navy
RNA – RiboNucleic Acid
RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force
ROG – Receipt Of Goods
ROM – Range Of Motion
ROM – Read Only Memory
ROM – Rupture Of Membrane (as in birth)
ROTC – Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
ROTS – Rotary Out Trunks Selectors
ROYGBIV – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet
RPC – Remote Procedure Call
RPG – RePort Generator
RPG – Role Playing Game
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute
RPN – Reverse Polish Notation
RPO – Railway Post Office
RPS – Revolutions Per Second
RPV – Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQ – RuneQuest
RR – RailRoad
RR – Route Relay
RR – Rural Route
RRO – Rate and Route Operator
RS – Recording Secretary
RS – Revised Status
RS – Right Side
RS – Royal Society
RSFSR – Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
RSN – Real Soon Now
RSU – Remote Switching Unit
RSV – Revised Standard Edition
RSVP – Repondez S’il Vous Plait (please reply)
RSWC – Right Side up With Care
RT – RadioTelephone
RT – RealTime
RTA – Remote Trunk Arrangement
RTAC – Regional Technical Assistance Center
RTF – Rich Text Format
RTFM – Read The F***ing Manual
RTG – Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTR – Reel-To-Reel
RTTY – Radio Teletype
RU – Receive Unit
RW – Right Worshipful
RW – Right Worthy
S – South
S – Supplement
S&C – Skull & Crossbones
SA – Salvation Army
SA – Seaman Apprentice
SA – Service Assistant
SA – Sex Appeal
SA – Sine Anno (without date)
SA – South Africa
SA – South America
SA – Subject to Approval
SAA – South Atlantic Anomaly
SAA – Systems Application Architecture
SAC – Special Area Code
SAC – Strategic Air Command (see TAC)
SADD – Students Against Drunk Driving
SAM – Surface-to-Air Missile
SAMA – Step-by-step Automatic Message Accounting
SAMTO – Space And Missile Test Organization
SAP – Second Audio Program
SAR – Synthetic Aperture Radar
SARTS – Switched Access Remote Test System
SASE – Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope
SASI – Shugart Associates Systems Interface
SAW – Surface Acoustic Wave
SBA – Small Business Administration
SC – Sectional Center
SC – South Carolina
SC – SubCommittee
SCAD – Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy
SCADC – Standard Central Air Data Computer
SCAME – SCreen oriented Anti-Misery Editor
SCAMP – Single-Chip A-series Mainframe Processor
SCAN – Switched Circuit Automatic Network
SCC – Switching Control Center (or Specialized Common Carriers)
SCCS – Source Code Control System
SCE – Signal Conversion Equipment
SCE – Structure Chart Editor
SCI – SpaceCraft Incorporated
SCIFI – SCIence FIction (often used pejoratively of what really isn’t)
SCO – Santa Cruz Operation
SCOOPS – SCheme Object Oriented Programming System
SCOTS – Surveilance and Control Of Transmission Systems
SCSI – Small Computer Systems Interface
SCUBA – Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SCUD – Subsonic Cruise Unarmed Decoy
SD – South Dakota
SDI – Standard Disk Interconnect
SDI – Strategic Defense Initiative
SDLC – Synchronous Data Link Control
SDO – Staff Duty Officer
SE – South East
SEATO – SouthEast Asia Treaty Organization
SEC – Security Exchange Commission
SECNAV – SECretary of the NAVy
SED – Stream EDitor
SEI – Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon)
SEL – Software Engineering Laboratory
SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope
SF – San Francisco
SF – Science Fiction; Speculative Fiction
SF – Standard Form
SF – Star Frontiers
SFRPG – Science Fiction Role Playing Game
SG – StarGuard
SG – SubGroup
SGML – Standard Generalized Markup Language
SHAPE – Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHAR – SHell ARchiver
SHCD – Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective
SHF – Super High Frequency (3-30GHz)
SHRPG – Super Hero Role Playing Game
SI – Staten Island
SIAM – Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIG – Special Interest Group
SIGCAT – Special Interest Group for Cd-rom Applications Technology
SIMD – Single Instruction, Multiple Data
SIMM – Single In-line Memory Module
SIMM – System Integrated Memory Module
SIPS – Satellite Imagery Processing System
SIS – Strategic Information System
SISCOM – Satellite Information System COMpany
SITA – Societe Internationale Telecommunications Aeronautiques
SJ – Society of Jesus
SL – Salvage Loss
SLA – Special Libraries Association
SLA – Synchronous Line Adapter
SLAN – Sine Loco, Anno, (vel) Nomine (without place, year, or name)
SLAR – Side Looking Airborne Radar
SLBM – Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles
SLDC – Synchronous Data Link Control
SLIP – Serial Line Internet Protocol
SLP – Super Long Play (VHS VCR)
SM – Service Mark
SMA – Sergeant Major of the Army
SMA – Spectrum Manufacturers Association
SMC – Small Magellanic Cloud (see LMC)
SMD – Storage Module Device (interface standard for disk drives)
SMD – Surface Mounted Devices
SMEGMA – Sophisticated Modern Editor with Gloriously Magnificent Abilities
SMERSH – Abbr. of Russian phrase meaning “Death to the spies.”
SMILS – Sonobuoy Missile Impact Location System
SMM – Solar Maximum Mission
SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SN – Super Nova
SNA – Systems Network Architecture (IBM network)
SNADS – SNA Distribution Services
SNAFU – Situation Normal — All Fouled Up (also, F*cked)
SNAP – Shipboard Non-tactical Automated data Processing program
SNCF – Societe National des Chemins de Fer (French National Railways)
SNF – Server-Natural Format
SNMP – Simple Network Management Protocol
SNOBOL – StriNg Oriented symbOLic Language
SNR – Signal to Noise Ratio
SO – Seller’s Option
SO – Significant Other
SO – Space Opera
SO – Strike Out
SOAP – Symbolic Optimizing Assembler Program
SOH – Start Of Header, ASCII control character (dec=01,control-A)
SOHIO – Standard Oil of oHIO
SOL – Short on Landing (or, colloquially, Shit Out of Luck)
SONAR – SOund Detection And Ranging
SOP – Standard Operating Procedure
SOS – Silicon On Sapphire
SP – Shore Patrol
SP – Short Play (VHS VCR)
SP – Southern Pacific
SP – Stack Pointer
SP – Star Patrol
SPA – Software Publishers Association
SPAG – Standards Promotion and Applications Group
SPAR – Stock Points Adp Replacement
SPARC – Scalable Processor ARChitecture
SPARC – Standards, Planning, And Requirements Committee
SPAWAR – naval SPAce and WARfare command
SPC – Software Productivity Consortium
SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SPCC – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
SPEC – Systems Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SPITBOL – SPeedy ImplemenTation of snoBOL
SPNI – Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
SPUR – Systech Pluraxial Unplug Repeater
SQL – Structured Query Language
SQUID – Superconducting QUantum Interference Device
SRAM – Short Range Attack Missile
SRAM – Static RAM
SRB – Solid fuel Rocket Booster
SRI – Stanford Research Institute
SRO – Standing Room Only
SSA – Social Security Administration
SSB – Single Side Band
SSE – South-SouthEast
SSFF – Showcase Software Factory of the Future
SSG – Staff SerGeant
SSI – Small Scale Integration
SSI – Supplemental Security Income
SSR – Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSR – Soviet Socialist Republic
SSTV – Slow Scan TeleVision
SSW – South-SouthWest
ST – Short Ton
STARS – Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems
STD – Sacrae Theologiae Doctor (doctor of sacred theology)
STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease (replaces VD)
STD – State Transition Diagram
STD – Subscriber Trunk Dialing (British for DDD)
STILO – Scientific and Technical Intelligence Liaison Office
STL – St. Louis (airport designation)
STN – SuperTwisted Nematic
STOL – Short TakeOff and Landing
STP – Software Through Pictures
STP – Standard Temperature and Pressure (see NTP)
STRPG – Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game
STV – Single Transferable Vote
SUM – Symantec Utilities for Macintosh
SUNOCO – SUN Oil COmpany
SUNY – State University of New York
SVID – System V Interface Definition
SW – South West
SW – SuperWorld
SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Communications
SWS – Scientific Workstation Support
T – Traveler
T&T – Tunnels & Trolls
TA – Teaching Assistant
TAC – Tactical Air Command (see SAC)
TAC – Terminal Access Controller
TACCS – Tactical Army Combat service support Computer System
TAE – Transportable Applications Environment
TAR – Tape ARchiver
TB – TuBerculosis
TBA – To Be Announced
TBD – To Be Determined
TC – Teachers College
TCA – Terminal Controlled Airspace
TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCSEC – Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (orange book)
TCT – To Challenge Tomorrow
TD – TouchDown
TD – Treasury Department
TDCC – Transportation Data Coordinating Committee
TDE – Transition Diagram Editor
TDI – Trusted Database Interpretation
TDY – Temporary DutY
TECO – Tape Editor and COrrector
TECO – Text Editor and COrrector
TEFLON – polyTEtraFLuOrethyleNe
TFP – Tops Filing Protocol
TFS – Translucent File System
TFT – The Fantasy Trip
TFT – Thin Film Transistor
TG – Thieves’ Guild
THIEF – THief Isn’t Even Fine
THIEF – This Here Isn’t Even Fine
THOR – Tandy High-intensity Optical Recording
TI – Texas Instruments
TIA – Thanks In Advance (special to USENET)
TIA – Transient Ischemic Attack
TIC – TermInfo Compiler
TID – Ter In Die (three times a day)
TIFF – Tag Image File Format
TKO – Technical Knock Out
TL – Total Loss
TLA – Three Letter Acronym
TLC – Tender Loving Care
TLI – Transort-Level Interface
TM – TradeMark
TMA – Tycho Magnetic Anomaly (2001)
TMAC – Treasury department’s Multiuser Acquisition Contract
TMIS – Telecommunications Management Information System
TMO – Telephone Money Order
TMP – The Morrow Project
TN – Tennessee
TN – Twisted Nematic
TNT – TriNitro Toluene
TO – Telegraph Office
TO – Turn Over
TODS – Transactions on Database Systems (ACM)
TOMS – Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM)
TOOIS – Transactions on Office Information Systems (ACM)
TOP – Technical/Office Protocol
TOPLAS – Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (ACM)
TORES – Text ORiented Editing System
TOW – Tube launched, Optically tracked, and Wire guided
TP – Transaction Processing
TPC – The Phone Company (from classic movie: _The President’s Analyst_)
TPI – Tracks Per Inch
TPO – Traveling Post Office
TPS – Technical Publishing Software
TPS – TeleProcessing Services
TROFF – Text RunOFF, text formatter
TRW – Thompson, Ramo, and Woolridge
TS – Top Secret
TSD – Total System Design
TSP – Teleprocessing Services Program
TSP – Thrift Savings Plan
TSP – Time Synchronization Protocol
TSP – TriSodium Phosphate
TSR – TSR (Fortune 500 Company that manufactures Dungeons & Dragons)
TTFN – Tah Tah, For Now
TTL – Transistor Transistor Logic
TTMA – Tennessee Tech Microcomputer Association
TTU – Tennessee Technological University
TTY – TeleTYpe
TUNIS – Toronto UNIversity System
TV – TeleVision
TVA – Tennessee Valley Authority
TW – Thieves’ World
TWA – Trans World Airlines
TWIMC – To Whom It May Concern
TWT – Traveling Wave Tube
TWX – TeletypeWriter eXchange
TX – Texas
U – Universe
UA – United Artists
UAR – United Arab Republic
UAR – User Action Routine
UART – Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter
UBA – UniBus Adapter
UBC – Universal Bibliographic Control
UCB – University of California at Berkeley
UCD – University of California at Davis
UCI – University of California at Irvine
UCLA – University of California at Los Angeles
UCR – University of California at Riverside
UCSB – University of California at Santa Barbara
UCSC – University of California at Santa Cruz
UCSD – University of California at San Diego
UCSF – University of California at San Francisco
UDB – Unified DataBase
UDP – User Data Protocol
UEC – User Environment Component
UFO – Unidentified Flying Object
UH – Upper Half
UHF – Ultra High Frequency (300-3000MHz)
UIMS – User Interface Management System
UK – United Kingdom
UL – Underwriters Laboratory
ULANA – Unified Local-Area Network Architecture
UMT – Universal Military Training
UN – United Nations
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization
UNICEF – United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (now United Nat.
Child. Fund)
UNICS – UNiplex Information Computer Services
UNIX – Not an acronym at all. Was a joke on MIT’s MULTICS.
UNO – United Nations Organization
UP – Union Pacific
UPC – Universal Product Code
UPI – United Press International
UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply
UPS – United Parcel Service
UR – University of Rochester
USA – Union of South Africa
USA – United States Army
USA – United States of America
USAF – United States Air Force
USAFA – United States Air Force Academy (in Colorado Springs)
USC – University of Southern California
USCG – United States Coast Guard
USDA – United States Department of Agriculture
USES – United States Employment Service
USFL – United States Football League
USGS – United States Geological Survey
USIA – United States Information Agency
USM – United States Mail
USMC – United States Marine Corps
USN – United States Navy
USO – United Service Organizations
USO – Unix Software Operation
USP – United States Pharmacopeia
USPS – United States Postal Service
USR – User Service Routines
USS – United States Ship
USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
USSS – User Services and Systems Support
USW – Und So Weiter
UT – UTah
UT – Universal Time
UT – University of Tennessee
UT – University of Texas
UTC – Universal Coordinated Time
UUCP – Unix-to-Unix CoPy
UUG – Unix User Group
UV – UltraViolet
UW – UnderWriter
UW – Univ of Wisconsin
V&V – Villains & Vigilantes
VA – Veterans Administration
VA – Virginia
VAN – Value Added Network (e.g. Tymnet, Telenet, etc)
VANS – Value-Added Network Services
VAR – Value Added Remarketer (reseller)
VASI – Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VAT – Value Added Tax
VAX – Virtual Address eXtended
VAXBI – VAX Bus Interconnect
VCM – Voice Coil Motor
VCO – Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCR – VideoCassette Recorder
VCU – Virginia Commonwealth University
VD – Venereal Disease (see also STD)
VDFM – Virtual Disk File Manager
VDI – Virtual Device Interface
VDM – Vienna Development Method
VDM – Virtual Device Metafile
VDT – Video Display Terminal
VF – Video Frequency
VFO – Variable Frequency Oscillator
VFW – Volunteer Fire Department
VG – Very Good
VG – Vicar-General
VGA – Video Graphics Array
VHDL – Vhsic Hardware Description Language
VHF – Very High Frequency (30-300MHz)
VHS – Video Home System (VCR)
VHSIC – Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VI – VIsual editor
VIABLE – Vertical Installation Automation BaseLinE
VILE – VI Like Emacs
VINE – Vine Is Not Emacs
VIP – Very Important Person
VISTA – Volunteers In Service To America
VITA – Vme International Trade Association
VJ – Video Jockey
VL – Vulgar Latin
VLA – Very Large Array radio telescope in Arizona or New Mexico
VLF – Very Low Frequency (3-30KHz)
VLIW – Very Long Instruction Word
VLSI – Very Large Scale Integration
VM – Virtual Memory
VM/CMS – Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System
VMM – Virtual Memory Manager
VMOS – Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor (V-MOS) (see MOS)
VMR – Vertical Market Reseller
VMS – Vertical Motion Simulator
VMS – Virtual Memory System
VOA – Voice Of America
VOIS – Voice-Operated Information System
VOQ – Visiting Officer’s Quarters
VPI&SU – Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
VRC – Vertical Redundancy Character
VRM – Virtual Resource Manager
VSAT – Very Small Aperture Terminal, satellite dish
VSX – X/open Verification Suite
VTAM – Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTOC – Volume Table Of Contents
VTOL – Vertical TakeOff and Landing
VTR – VideoTape Recorder
VUP – Vax Unit of Performance
VVSS – Vertical Volute Spring Suspension
W – West
W – Width
WA – Washington
WA – Western Australia
WAC – Womens Air Corps
WAN – Wide Area Network
WARC – World Administrative Conference
WATS – Wide Area Telephone Service
WB – Water Ballast
WB – WayBill
WBC – White Blood Cells
WC – Water Closet
WC – Without Charge
WCTU – Women’s Christian Temperance Union
WG – Working Group
WH – WarHammer
WHBL – World Home Bible League
WI – Wisconsin
WIS – WWMCCS Information System
WITS – Washington Interagency Telecommunications System
WMSCR – Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
WOPR – War Operations Planned Response (from “Wargames” movie)
WORM – Write Once, Read Many time
WOW – Worlds of Wonder
WP – Word Processing
WP – Working Paper
WSI – Wafer Scale Integration
WSW – West-SouthWest
WU – Washington University
WV – West Virginia
WW – World War
WWI – World War I
WWII – World War II
WWMCCS – World-Wide Military Command and Control System
WY – Wyoming
WYSIWIS – What You See Is What I See
WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get
XCF – eXperimental Computing Facility
XD – without Dividend
XDR – eXternal Data Representation
XL – eXtra Large
XMTR – transMiTteR (the X is for trans)
XNS – Xerox Network Service
XO – eXecutive Officer
XOR – eXclusive OR (logical function)
XSECT – cross SECTion
XTAL – crysTAL (another version of x for crys, see XMTR)
XUI – X-windows User Interface
YA – Yet Another
YACC – Yet Another Compiler Compiler
YB – YearBook
YMCA – Young Mens Christian Association
YMHA – Young Mens Hebrew Association
YOB – Year Of Birth
YP – Yellow Pages
YRS – Ysgarth Rules System
YST – Yukon Standard Time
YT – Yukon Territory
YT – Yukon Time
YTD – Year To Date
YWCA – Young Womens Christian Association
YWHA – Young Womens Hebrew Association
Z – Zenith
Z – Zero
ZB – Zero Beat
ZETA – Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly
ZGS – Zero Gradient Synchrotron
ZI – Zonal Index
ZIP – Zone Improvement Plan (post office code)
ZK – barrage balloon (navy symbol)
ZMRI – Zinc Metals Research Institute
ZPG – Zero Population Growth
ZPRSN – Zurich Provisional Relative Sunspot Number
ZST – Zone Standard Time
ZT – Zone Time
ZWEI – Zwei Was Eine Initially

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