Red Bull Facts – Drink That Claims To Gives You Energy

Red Bull Facts – Drink That Claims To Gives You Energy

Red Bull amongst the most popular energy drink in the entire world, which is available in eight flavor variants. It produced by the company Red Bull with the tag line ‘Red Bull gives you wings.’Red-Bull Energy Drink is a functional beverage, specially developed for those who want to stay physically and mentally active.

The tag line ‘Red-Bull gives you wings. States that this drink has the ability to give ‘wings’ to enable him/her to fly away from all hassles, boost up low energy and degrade stress and Increases the potential performance of the body.

RedBull Energy Drink claims to improve aerobic endurance (maintaining 65-75% max. heart rate) and anaerobic performance (maintaining max. speed) on cycle ergometers. It also includes improvements in mental performance in choice reaction time. Concentration and memory immediate recall, which reflects increase in subjective alertness.

Red Bull Ingredients

Red Bull Energy Drink Ingredients
Red Bull Energy Drink Ingredients

Taurine : Taurine is a natural atom named from the Latin word Taurus [bull] because initially taurine was removed from bull semen and bull bile. It is vital for the proper function of minerals including potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. Sugar : Red-Bull Energy Drink is made with real natural sugar. Water : Ingredients such as taurine, caffeine, and vitamins are synthetically produced to ensure high and consistent quality. Refined water is used to make the energy drink.

Caffeine Content in a Can of Red Bull Energy Drink

One 8.4 fl oz can of Red-Bull Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine.

What is the Calorie Content in a Can of Red-Bull Energy Drink?

Red Bull Energy Drink contains 45kcal per can.

Price of Red Bull Energy Drink

Original – 8.4 oz can $2.37
Sugar-free – 8.4 oz can $2.37
Blue can – 12 oz can $3.29
Green can – 12 oz can $3.29
Lime can – 12 oz can $3.29
Orange can – 12 oz can $3.29
Purple can – 12 oz can $3.29
Red can – 12 oz can $3.29

Advantages of Red Bull Energy Drink

RedBull contains several active ingredients to energizes body. Caffeine, Taurine, Sugars, Water. While they are scientifically proven to work. You could maybe gain 1–2% performance bonus by drinking this kind of energy drink before doing any sports or other activities.

RedBull energy drinks increase concentration and overall mental functioning by providing large doses of various B vitamins, especially B12. The result of improving physical performance is one of the leading benefits of Red Bull energy drinks, appreciated by bodybuilders and other serious athletes.