Samsung constructed Burj Khalifa and Petronas tower

Samsung constructed Burj Khalifa and Petronas tower

Samsung was actually founded in 1938 in Korea for selling groceries with some 40 employees. In late 1960s it went into the electronic market and started making some black and white televisions. Today most of the people know Samsung for electronics and home appliances only but believe me it is much much more than that.

Let’s start with the less known facts about Samsung electronics first:

  • Since 1993, Samsung has been the largest producer of memory chips in the world, even the Iphone uses Samsung chips only.
  • Samsung is the largest Television manufacturer in the world.
  • Samsung has 98% of the AMOLED types of television market.
  • The known fact, largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

But this was just about electronics, Samsung has 490,000 employees, more than Google, microsoft & apple combined. It spent 14 billion dollars on R&D in 2014 alone.

Samsung generated US$ 305 billion in revenue in 2014, Apple made US$ 183 billion & Google made US$ 66 billion in 2014. Samsung contributes 17% in South Korea’s total GDP.

Samsung has many divisions like Construction & Engineering, Heavy Industries, Automobiles, Petrochemical, Military to name some few.

It makes almost everything tanks, cars, jet engines, ships, robots….