Samuel L Jackson John Travolta Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarantino PULP FICTION


arantino has the benefit of also being the director here. “Benefit” being that he can include directorial instructions like the camera moves in the screenplay to being with. He’s capitalizing words that he believes should be of importance to him or other departments later. Reminding himself of a camera move, a costume, or anything that could impact the story or plot in his opinion.

If he wasn’t the director, and someone was writing this script on spec with intention of getting someone else to direct, you might only find character introduction’s capitalized or very, very important props like Sam Jack’s briefcase. The writer is not the director and in most cases you wouldn’t find camera moves in a script at all— that’s the director’s job.

It’s one of those small details Tarantino is so great with. They didn’t have to show the conversation at his end, or what was going on in the background. Or have him show up in a Tuxedo early in the morning. It’s never explained or even touched upon, or has any bearing on the story. But your mind starts racing trying to fill in the blanks, and it instantly makes the character more interesting and mysterious.

The whole Pulp fiction movie is about the fallout of Vincent being careless. Didn’t check the bathroom, left heroin in his coat, left gun in kitchen, shoots Marvin in the face…

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