Smoking is great for health!

Smoking is great for health!

This would have been 100% true if it was the 1940s, and not 2018.

Today, we see so much awareness about the ill effects of smoking and campaigns being run to help people quit smoking. But surprisingly, smoking was considered benign and completely harmless to the human body until a few decades back. It was a part of growing up, something which you just automatically did, like drinking tea.

Cigarettes were considered cool and fashionable, and the tobacco companies left no stone unturned in presenting it as a stylish product. In fact, advertisements were run illustrating the benefits of smoking.

It was only during the second half of the 20th century when researchers and doctors started discovering the link between smoking and lung cancer.

A. Bradford Hill and Richard Doll from England made significant progress in this study when they published a path-breaking paper in 1954, post examining more than 5000 people over the course of 4 years.

Ever since then, the deadly side effects of smoking started getting the limelight, it deserved.