Some weird facts about North Korea

Some weird facts about North Korea

  1. The North Koreans have published their own translation of the Bible.
  2. Every child gets given a Mickey Mouse backpack.
  3. Marriage is almost universal.
  4. The people didn’t know that Kim Jong Un was married until it was announced in 2012. Our information about his child comes from Dennis Rodman. The people don’t know of the existence of Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Un’s half-brother who was assassinated. Kim Jong Il (Jong Un’s father) was originally known as the “party centre”. It was later revealed that the “party centre” was a person, the son of Kim Il Sung.
  5. In the centre of Pyongyang there is a statue of Kim Jong Il wearing a parka.
  6. Kim Jong Il used to tell foreign visitors that “communism” was a disaster.
  7. Everyone serves in the military, and many people – such as retired pop star Hyon Song Wol – have a military rank.

And, by the way, the North Koreans never claimed:

The North Koreans

  1. Kim Jong Il scored a fantastic golf score his first time.
  2. Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger.
  3. They had found a unicorn.
  4. Kim Jong Un had invented a cure for cancer.

It is also not true:

  1. Kim Jong Un executed his former girlfriend.
  2. He fed his uncle to dogs, though he did execute him.
  3. The Pyongyang Metro is fake.