Designing Your Own Sport

Designing Your Own Sport 4

Is it Direct Scoring (where the numerical score is directly determined by the actions of the competitors ie soccer/football, American football, tennis, racing), Judged Scoring (where judges decide a score based on the performance ) or Win/Lose (where winning is based on a non-numerical basis ie some martial arts)? Are there multiple ways to gain … Read moreDesigning Your Own Sport

Football – The Greatest Team the World Had Ever Seen

West Germany vs Hungary 3-2

In 1954, television came for football : The Swiss World Cup was the first to be televised and the first to be immortalized in official film, a serious challenge for a competition still learning about itself. Typically, soccer obliged to an unfathomable extent, delivering a multitude of goalscoring records that still stand, including: highest per-game … Read moreFootball – The Greatest Team the World Had Ever Seen