Super Facts About Supernatural Series

Super Facts About Supernatural Series

1.Supernatural has garnered a dedicated fanbase.They are active online,and many have written fanfiction stories about the show, ranging from Wincest (the romantic pairing of brothers Dean and Sam Winchester) to Destiel (the romantic pairing of Dean Winchester and Castiel) to various other character pairings.

2. The series is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia and surrounding areas and was in development for nearly ten years, as creator Kripke spent several years unsuccessfully pitching it.

3. The pilot was viewed by an estimated 5.69 million viewers.

4. The ratings of the first four episodes prompted The WB to pick up the series for a full season.

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5. Originally, Kripke planned the series for three seasons but later expanded it to five

6. The fifth season concluded the series’ main storyline, and Kripke departed the series as showrunner.

7. The series has continued on for several more seasons with new showrunners, including Sera Gamble, Jeremy Carver, Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb.

8. With its eleventh season, Supernatural became the longest-running North American fantasy series.

9. Before bringing Supernatural to television, creator Eric Kripke had been developing the series for nearly ten years having been fascinated with urban legends since he was a child.

10. Although he had envisioned Supernatural as a movie he spent years unsuccessfully pitching it as a series.

11. The concept went through several phases before becoming the eventual product, shifting from the original idea of an anthology series to one of tabloid reporters driving around the country in a van “fighting the demons in search of the truth”.

12. Kripke wanted it to be a road trip series, feeling that it was the “best vehicle to tell these stories because it’s pure, stripped down and uniquely American… These stories exist in these small towns all across the country, and it just makes so much sense to drive in and out of these stories.

13. However, the network disliked his tabloid reporter idea, so Kripke successfully pitched his last-minute idea of the characters being brothers.

14. He decided to have the brothers be from Lawrence, Kansas, because of its closeness to Stull Cemetery, a location famous for its urban legends.

15. When it came time to name the two lead characters, Kripke decided on “Sal” and “Dean” as an homage to Jack Kerouac’s road-trip novel On the Road.

16. However, he felt that “Sal” was inappropriate for a main character and changed the name to “Sam”.

17. It was originally intended for the brothers’ last name to be “Harrison” as a nod to actor Harrison Ford, as Kripke wanted Dean to have the “devil-may-care swagger of Han Solo”. However, there was a Sam Harrison living in Kansas, so the name had to be changed for legal reasons.

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18. Combining his interest in the Winchester Mystery House and his desire to give the series the feel of “a modern-day Western”, Kripke settled on the surname of “Winchester”. However, this also presented a problem. The first name of Sam and Dean’s father was originally “Jack”, and there was a Jack Winchester residing in Kansas, so Kripke was forced to change the character’s name to “John”.

19. The staff for the first season consisted of Kripke and five other writers, with assistants to help with researching urban legends.

20. Most of the work done in writing the series is very collaborative, with the writers often breaking up into groups. At the beginning of each season, the writers are brought together and pitch their ideas, which are then assigned to a specific writer to be developed. Each story idea is outlined on a dry-erase board, with Kripke and Bob Singer making necessary changes.

21. Afterward, the script is written,and Kripke goes through it to make sure it has the same tone as other episodesKripke found this task very difficult to do in the first season,ut he felt it became easier by the third season, as the staff came to “really understand the show’s style”.

22. Jared Padalecki became interested in the role because he liked horror series, including both The X-Files and The Twilight Zone, which he found similar to Supernatural. He was also excited to play “the reluctant hero”, comparing Sam to The Matrix’s Neo and Luke Skywalker of Star Wars.

23. Jared Padalecki had previous experience working with executive producers McG and David Nutter, the former convincing him to audition for the role.

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24. Jensen Ackles was originally asked by Nutter to audition for the role of Sam but preferred the character of Dean after reading the script.

25. At the time of his audition, he was already a series regular on fellow WB series Smallville. After landing the part of Dean, his Smallville role was cut short.