SUPERCOOL facts About Famous Video Games

  • The game Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games Inc. has IN₹ 1,798 crores (US$ 265 million) as its total development budget, making it the most expensive video game ever developed.
  • The good old game Tetris by Alexey Pajitnov [I] is surprisingly the best-selling video game of all time in terms of number of copies sold, with more than 280 million copies sold as of 2018 C.E..
  • The original game Flappy Bird by dotGEARS was a game developed by Vietnamese video game developer Dong Nguyen (under his owned company dotGEARS). It became so popular on the Apple iOS App Store and was earning so much money (as much as ₹ 70,000 ($ 1,000) a day), Dong decided to take his game off the store. As of now, the game is availabe for free on its website
  • The games StickWar 2D, Jeeps and Terrains, RoboBoy Adventures and the upcoming major open-world action-adventure title A Thug’s Ascension by Moonwalk Entertainment are all developed, published and marketed by a kid! The company has thus become the youngest video game publisher on the planet. These games have sold more than 5,000 copies worldwide (without any marketing) (were all published in April and May 2018).
  • The famous video game title Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment Corporation was literally a life-saver for Rovio. Before the release of the game, the company was about to go bankrupt. After the launch of the Apple iOS App Store (by Apple Inc.), Rovio took advantage of the new vast audience and made the game, released it and worked hard to promote it. Now, Angry Birds is released on several other platforms and is one of the best-selling hits on the Apple iOS and the Google Android devices.
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