The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”

When two words have the same meaning, we call them synonyms. When two words have different meanings but people use them interchangeably, we write articles about the real meaning of these words. Take gender and sex. While people regularly substitute for one another, their meaning and use is considerably, and therefore different. Because we most … Read moreThe Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”

What is “The Matrix” movie about?

At first the engine thought why not give their human hosts the perfect world (matrix), so that they were all happy in their dreams and machines could have fun with all that power (human batteries). But as logic shows that it will fail dramatically and that happens. So an intuitive program called oracle comes up … Read moreWhat is “The Matrix” movie about?

Jasno Russell – The Guy Behind Kony 2012

JASON RUSSELL - kony 2012

Clicktivism or other internet converting can seem to be at last self-serving except if the activists have really been influenced by the issues they’re offended over, or if nothing else plan to take care of them. For this restored incredulity, we to a great extent have Kony 2012 to thank. In 2012, dissident and movie … Read moreJasno Russell – The Guy Behind Kony 2012

The truth behind Kim Jong-un’s brutal executions

Dr John Hemmings, Director of the Asia Studies at the Henry Jackson Society, said that it is hard to verify stories about the “utterly bizarre” regime which has been a diplomatic basket case for decades. However, the expert said he has no reason to doubt reports of officials being executed after his meeting with Trump … Read moreThe truth behind Kim Jong-un’s brutal executions

Meryl Streep called out Donald Trump

Meryl Streep called out Donald Trump

Meryl Streep made headlines after taking a jab at then President-elect Donald Trump at the 2017 Golden Globes. Following a campaign speech in late 2015, Trump had faced major backlash over an offensive impression of The New York Times’ Serge F. Kovaleski. So, when Streep accepted her lifetime achievement award, she used the opportunity to … Read moreMeryl Streep called out Donald Trump

How historically accurate is HBO’s Chernobyl

It is not historically accurate, however it’s for the most part based on real-life events. The Chernobly series contains some true facts about insignificant things and mostly distortion, misinformation or even outright lies about significant ones. It is so carefully tailored to make the hole country, it’s people, authorities and decision makers look bad and … Read moreHow historically accurate is HBO’s Chernobyl