International Space Station – Wonder of the Technological World

About 70 years ago the world fell into one of the greatest wars known to man. Not so many years after that we were thrown into the cold war. Who would have believed that before the end of the 20th century, countries which were mortal enemies for most of this century would join together to … Read moreInternational Space Station – Wonder of the Technological World

hashtag #myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires

After attempting a twitter campaign under the hashtag #myNYPD that was meant to show people happily posing with local officers….well, lets just say it backfired in a very predictable way. Users were asked to tweet a photo of themselves with officers and add the hashtag #myNYPD as part of a social media campaign.  But instead … Read morehashtag #myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires