People flirt for six different reasons

People flirt for six different reasons 1

In a 2004 review of literature on temptation, a professor from Northern Illinois University David Dryden Henningsen identified six different motivations for the behavior: • Sex: try to get into bed • Fun: treat it like sports • Exploring: trying to see what it’s like to be in a relationship • Relational: trying to improve … Read morePeople flirt for six different reasons

The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”

The Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex” 2

When two words have the same meaning, we call them synonyms. When two words have different meanings but people use them interchangeably, we write articles about the real meaning of these words. Take gender and sex. While people regularly substitute for one another, their meaning and use is considerably, and therefore different. Because we most … Read moreThe Difference Between “Gender” And “Sex”