Sentry Mode: Guarding Your Tesla

Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Delibrate Vandalism


There are genuinely people who HATE electric cars and it’s the weirdest thing. She must really live a miserable life and she’s letting her rage out on everyone else.

Sad that Tesla represents to her something that she hates and wants to destroy. It’s impossible to know her underlying emotion about Tesla. I wonder if she hates electric cars or cars that are “expensive” or maybe she hates the owner. The sentry mode worked beautifully!

A short clip of the incident was shared on YouTube by Rafael “Teslatino“ Santoni, who noted in a conversation with Teslarati that while the incident definitely appeared premeditated, the Model 3 owner could not determine the lady’s motivation for the attack. The damage from the incident was quoted at $900 in repair costs by a third-party body shop.

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