The Story of the Tower of Benares

The Story of the Tower of Benares

In a temple in the Indian city of Benares are 64 precious diamond discs stacked into a tower. Each disc is a little smaller than the disk on which it rests.
A priestly order is made to move the disks now to a different location accordance with sacred rules in the temple. The discs are so precious that they can only lie on one of three places in the temple, the place where the tower stood at the beginning, the where he is to be established and a place in between. The wheels are heavy and fragile, so only one of the disks may be moved, never several at the same time stating the final rule that at no time can be a disk on a smaller disk.

When the tower dismantled in one place and to other point again was quite built up, the temple and disintegrate with him the whole world to dust.

When you first come across this story it gives you an indication that its just a legend and if it were to be true, the world would have ended by now.

But when you come to think of how long it would actually take to complete this task, it of course depends on how fast the monks are and the method they use.

If we assume that they use the fastest method possible and can transfer a disk per second (which even for Indian monks still likely to be quite fast) and they go about the task continuously without any interruption to work and they make a single mistake, the task takes at least 18446744073709551615 seconds , which are 584 942 417400 years!

Even if the monks have started two thousand years ago, so it still takes quite a while until the tower is rebuilt.