Things No One Ever Told You About Your Clitoris

Things No One Ever Told You About Your Clitoris

1. It’s Far Bigger Than You Might Have Thought. Try a whole four inches more of erectile tissue that lies just behind that little nub

2. It Exists ONLY To Give Pleasure. Only part of the human body that exists only to give pleasure

3. It’s Not Just A Smaller Version Of A Penis but a variant model

4. It Does Some Fancy Trickery When Aroused – It recedes, But it doubles in size, too.

5. It Has Twice As Many Nerves Than A Penis — And They’re Long

6. Size And Distance Matters to orgasm ability – smaller the clitoris and further it is from the vagina, the harder it can be to orgasm

7. Not Every Clitoris Enjoys Direct Contact

8. Not Every Clitoris Wants To Be Stimulated The Same Way

9. It Continues To Grow In Size Throughout Your Life

10. Clitoral And Vaginal Orgasms Are Actually Connected

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