Things that only men can understand

  • Being able to “go” anywhere is Awesome! Alleys, Bushes, Behind parked cars, in bottles while driving/riding. Gross, but Awesome!
  • Grizzly Bear on the Outside, Teddy Bear on the inside
  • I get ready to go somewhere after my wife is Bathed, clothed, and looking for her keys because I can do the same thing in 15 minutes what takes her an hour and 15 minutes.
  • Wine is for company, Beer is for me.
  • If I knew where it was I would say so immediately.
  • I don’t care if it makes me look fat, I’m comfortable.
  • Weekend showers are optional.
  • “Yes, Dear,” is the answer to most problems.
  • That my stuff is exactly where it’s supposed to be (even on the floor) because that’s where I left it. If you move it (even off the floor), you are misplacing my stuff because now I can’t find it (even if it is where it should be—on a coat rack).
  • That sweet, sweet Feeling you get when your significant other says those 3 special Words:
  • You Were Right.
  • Pain on getting kicked on our penis(balls)

The point is if all women on planet Earth start to live like men in outside world, most of them will start to behave absolutely like men the very thing they hate and propogate against as feminist group, this is their biggest short comings which nobody wants to address as it is uncomfortable truth and politically incorrect statement after all who wants to face the wrath of angry feminist group.

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