If you think you understand  Brexit, you don’t understand Brexit

If you think you understand Brexit, you don’t understand Brexit

In any event Britain isn’t even in favour of Brexit now in 2019. Yes there was a slight majority for it three years ago and there are still some senior idiotic politicians that are pushing for it but it is certainly not the wish or desire of the majority of British people now in 2019. So it is not correct to say that it is bashing Britain. It is bashing a particular group of idiots in Britain.

The 9/11 incident was so large that many people reported seeing strange phenomena

  • UK population is getting older, and the global economy is changing the market, in detriment of the least educated people.

  • Older, poorer and less educated people tend to become more racist and nationalistic, thanks to the media the consume pointing fingers to foreign individuals instead the rich assholes and their bribed politicians who are truly behind those problems.

  • Corporate party exploited that to fool them into giving them power, just their standard tactic to get benefits for their rich cronies. They did it by lying them about the benefits of leaving the EU and promising to set a vote, as some of them they thought it would not happen anyways.

  • Russia and foreign economic interests started a campaign of disinformation that swayed the vote towards leave.

  • Now those economic interests are waiting for the inevitable recession, to buy off for cheap as many assets as they can.

If you think you understand  Brexit, you don't understand Brexit 1

It’s quite simple (/s): Britain wants to leave the EU.

But also wants have all the benefits of staying in the EU.

Europe says no,.(obviously)

Britain also wants a Hard Border with the EU.

But there can’t be a border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland isn’t leaving the EU.

Northern Ireland isn’t leaving the UK.

Oh and Scotland wants to stay in the EU.

It is literally impossible.