We have spent LOADS of time on video games

We have spent LOADS of time on video games

10) Team Fortress 2 – 2,000,000,000 (2 billion with a ‘b’) hours

This is the equivalent of 228,160 years, which is in the middle of when Neanderthals started to separate themselves from other subspecies of apes, and when the first Homo Sapien appearance was in Africa.

9) Halo Series – 3,000,000,000 (3 billion) hours

This is the same as 342,240 years or so. This is the approximate amount of time since the first Gray Wolf existed. By ‘approximate’ I mean that you could add another 50,000 to the Gray Wolf’s timeline, and be closer to the amount of time spent on Halo.

8) Counter Strike Series – 3,600,000,000 (3.6 billion) hours

This is around 410,688 years, which is when Mars’ most recent ice age was. Although it is still recovering, nothing close to what existed then has emerged in more recent millennia. The entire planet was covered in 2 feet of ice, which could have prompted life.

7) Grand Theft Auto Series – 4,000,000,000 (4 billion) hours

This is about 456,320 years of gameplay, which is when Archaic Humans began. These include Neanderthals, Heisenberg apes, and more recent ones, such as Homo Erectus. The average brain size of such a human of the time was 900 cm3 (today, mens’ brains are 1260 cm3 and womens’ are 1130 cm3, on average).

6) Minecraft – 5,000,000,000 hours

This is around 570,400 years of knocking down blocks, or the time since the Yellowstone Caldera last erupted. It should be noted that the next eruption may happen any second now (by which I mean from today til in 40,000 years or so). In spite of being one of the smaller super-volcano eruptions, it could definitely destroy large parts of the world’s civilisation, if the same were to happen now.

5) Dota 2 – 6,000,000,000 hours or 684,480 years, which is the same amount of time since Earth’s last magnetic shift. Also, around 100,000 years after man discovered fire.

4) Guild War Series – 15,000,000,000 hours or 1,711,203 years (about 1 million and three quarters!). This is when various hominids, including the Australopithecine, went extinct – the first major extinction of apes since we drifted off from chimpanzees.

3) Call of Duty Series – 25,000,000,000 hours or 2,852,000 years have been spent first-person shooting and exploring a (rather bad) campaign. This is when the Paranthropus, or hominids closely related to gorillas, went extinct. They were still herbivorous, and were discovered by Louis Leakey (the character after whom Leonard in The Big Bang Theory has his middle name).

2) League of Legends – 30,000,000,000 hours or 3,422,410 years have been spent on a game which has only been around for 7 years (like the population of Malta playing the game non-stop since its release). The first clear signs of hominids hunting other animals and butchering them for food.

1) World of Warcraft – 60,000,000,000 hours or 6,844,820 years have been spent on a game which is more like a social-meetup than a game sometimes. This is the amount of time since Hominids first started to appear. The amount of time since insects started to diversify (since the 5th mass extinction), and since large horses started to appear. That is like EVERY person on Earth playing it for 8 hours. The same amount of time since the Messinian Geological Epoch.