What do you think about when you see a bridge?

While many will answer, “Not at all; it’s just a bridge, “the more curious might ponder how it should be built or how people used to go from one side to the other before that. None of us will go, “That’s beautiful; how do you steal it? “like stealing a bridge sounds like something that is not humanly possible. Even so, bridges around the world have been reported stolen overnight, with very little explanation of how it was done.

Bridge theft has taken place in the Czech Republic, Britain and Turkey, to name a few countries. The case mentioned in the Czech Republic, which took place in 2012, involved dismantling a 10-ton bridge that had tracks over 198 meters (650 feet) long.  We’re not even sure where to start if someone pays us to do it, because we don’t talk about a few small things that you can steal, fit into your truck, and go with. How do you unpack it? How do you transport it, and, most importantly, how do you do it without anyone noticing? (In the Czech case, the thief acts as a person hired to destroy the bridge.)