What every man and woman should know about making love

What every man and woman should know about making love

Most men have sex for 15-30 minutes, 2-3 rounds a day. Five to six times is enough for most men. Women can be fine with one or two rounds depending on their needs. In short, there is no standard number of turns a woman wants before he is satisfied.

With women:

  • If you want to turn her on and really drive her crazy, get in her head, not her pants, this is probably the most common sense and basic thing you should know as a man
  • Each woman is different in the bedroom, never assume the same tactics you used and pleased one woman with means it works on every woman, you have to be open-minded each time and be able to adapt and pay attention instead of just trying to do things your way
  • Considering the above, most women enjoy affection, being caressed and in general showered with care and made to feel sexy and loved, even special
  • Considering the above statement, if you’re just meeting a girl from the club or bar, don’t try and “make love” to her, she probably just wants to be ravaged
  • Trust is a cornerstone to a woman really opening up herself and her desires to you, if she never met a man that she really felt safe with, really loved and trusted then this part of her will remain dormant and untapped and if you’re having issues this is most probably tied to the root of your problems
  • She already knew way beforehand, very early on in most cases, whether she’d have sex with you or not, so basically don’t screw it up and don’t push so hard to get laid, you won’t need to if she’s into you
  • Despite the rumors and the things you’ve heard about women being more passive, shy, delicate, and less sexual or whatever else, I can assure you that’s not the case, and they can be extremely sexually aggressive, more so than the stereotype of men, do not underestimate them…the difference is women can be a lot more picky and need more boxes checked off before they get into that sort of mentality
  • Women are faking something at some point just to please you, don’t get such a big ego in the bedroom or even anywhere, she’s telling her friends the truth and they’re all laughing behind your back if you’re not the pleasure machine you think you are, always be humble in your abilities with women, even if you know you’re good, you’ll never know everything in their heads and you’ll only make a fool out of yourself
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With men:

  • It’s pretty easy to please men. Wake him up with a blowjob and give him one in the shower and before he goes to bed every now and again and he’ll probably be a pretty happy man.
  • Men can be pretty insecure about their penis size, performance and many other things, if you want the best out of a guy don’t put too much pressure on him or demand amazing sex to begin with, you might need to build the guys confidence or encourage him a bit first.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell a guy exactly what you like and what you want, if he doesn’t respond that’s his fault but I’m betting most guys won’t mind the advice, but again, don’t do it in a way where the guy feels like shit or expect instant technique skills or superior ones, many guys are not going to have it.
  • Be confident and feel sexy, regardless of how you look like, because the right guy isn’t going to care and most guys don’t care as much they pretend to, most of guys talking shit are just boosting their own ego, manipulating you or try to bring you down, if he could do better, trust me, he would. Once you dump him and realize it he’ll be calling you and asking for you back because he really “loved you”, don’t fall for it.